Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Greatest Birth under the sun: The greatest Miracle of God!


The earth on which we live has witnessed billions of child births. All the great and small, wise and vise, kings and beggars, leaders and followers, saints and sinners, rich and poor, handsome and ugly, men and women have taken their precious 'one-time only' birth on this planet some where and some time. You and me too are born in some parts of this world. But the birth the earth has witnessed at Bethlehem some 2010 years ago in a small manger at a cold winter night is accepted and recognised as the greatest child birth for ever and ever. It was not a mere human being like you and me that was born there then. It was the Holy human incarnation of the Almighty God !

How can the most high God take birth from a humble virgin? That too in the humblest and poorest circumstances! All the works of God are marvellous! All HIS actions are miracles before our eyes! But I feel HIS incarnation in this world in search of HIS people to liberate and grant them HIS paradise is the greatest of all HIS miracles!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Christmas 2010 is beginning from the 1st Sunday of Advent on 28-11-2010

Another Christmas Season has just begun. Officially the Advent (awaiting for the Birth of Christ) starts on the 28th of November, 2010 by the Universal Catholic and other Churches. Though X-MAS comes every year, a true Christian must see that it does not end up in mere celebration, but it brings some new and special stuff in his/her spiritual life. Let us all devotees strive hard to make this Christmas special by observing this Christmas more meaningful than all the previous X-Mas we have celebrate in our lives.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Christians and the habit of Reading and Meditating The Holy Bible daily:

Holy Bible is the Book that has influenced the mankind more than any other books. No human can explain fully the greatness of this Book authored by the Most High God Himself. The Holy Bible is the Divine Word that is Lord Jesus Christ (St. Jn. 1:1). Many Christians specially the Catholics must make a self examination ‘whether one reads the Holy Bible (The Living Word of God) and meditates on it daily?’ It is very regrettable to find that the present generation gives very less importance to the Word of God. (We all know many portions and passages of the Bible!) As the Word of God is life-giving and illuminates ones path and serves as a lamp to one’s ways (Ps.119:105), it is highly advisable to start every day after reading at least some verses from the Holy Bible.

The Catholic families of Kerala were widely quoted by most people for their regular family prayers. It is a remarkable habit taught and trained by our parents and ancestors. But today’s comfort, luxury and entertainments are causing a big obstacle to this great habit of Evening Family prayers by all members.

Dear friend, if you do not maintain the habit of Praying with your full family (parents, wife & children) at least for some time regularly and Reading a small paragraph from the Holy Bible and meditating a little while, please start it from today… for the sake of your children, grand children and future generation.

May God Bless you and your family abundantly……!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Souls in purgatory (the suffering Church)

The Church observes the month of November as the month of the saved souls in purgatory. The souls in Purgatory are considered as the 'suffering church'. The righteous souls (saints) who have fought a good war and completed the mission assigned by their Master in this world are known as the 'victorious Church' and the ones still living on this earth including you and me are the living Church. While the Church believes that the glorious ones (Saints) are glorifying and thanking the Creator and Savior unceasingly and interceding for the salvation of the living Church (the whole humanity), the suffering souls in the purgatory depend fully on the prayers of the faithful - as they cannot do anything for themselves as long as they are in that state.

So it is our duty and highly expected by our Savior, to pray and offer Sacraments for those souls as the Good Lord who is the peak of Mercy (also Justice) can show kindness to them against the intercessory prayers offered by the living Church. In return once they are elevated, they in turn intercede for the mankind.

It is very imperative for a devotee to remember his/her departed parents / grand parents /uncles /aunts / teachers /Priests / nuns / neighbors / friends / colleagues / .... every known souls throughout his/her life and pray for those souls, it is highly recommended to pray specially for those souls in the month of November without fail. All what one can do for a departed soul is offering prayer, penance and Sacraments. And no doubt the result will be highly rewarding.

Monday, October 25, 2010


Most of the Humanity in the Universe know that, the Greatest Name ever given in the history of the universe is the Most Holy Name: *JESUS !*. This is the Name of the Savior of the Humanity. The Holy Name of the Incarnate God Himself. The Holy Name which has the complete authority in the entire universe. The only Name capable of granting ever lasting life in Heaven.

So how to say or utter that Holy Name of Jesus...? In my humble opinion, I greatly feel that The greatest name of the Greatest and True God of the universe should be uttered with highest Reverence and titles. When we say the names of worldly people with their titles and surnames, why don't we say the Lord's Holy name with due titles, when HE has many...?

It is quite unfortunate to note that this Very Holy Name of the Divine Master is used by His own chosen people without any special respect or titles! When we know sufficiently how to utter the name of a human leader adding many titles, prefixes and suffixes to his/her name to please him/her, I wonder why we (even the devotees) enunciate the Most High Lord’s Holy Name without any least reverence…! For example, we say President Abraham Lincoln, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, Mr. Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru etc… A faithful will never call a Pope or Bishop merely by his name. We say Holy Father Benedict the XVI and the normal world at least says Pope or Pontiff Benedict XVI. Likewise when our Visakhapatnam bishop visited our St Ann’s Catholic Church, Kakinada, he was addressed as His Excellency Dr Kagithapu Mariadass or Right Reverend Dr K Mariadass. The non-Christian community addresses him by saying Arch Bishop Dr. K. Mariadass MSFS; DD JUD.

The same is maintained the world-over by all denominations when they come to show their respect to their Bishops or Priests. Many Syrian Bishops in Kerala are affectionately and respectfully called with a title ‘Mar’ example Major Arch Bishop Mar Varkey Vithayathil, Major Arch Bishop Mar Baselios Cleemis etc… I have never seen in my entire life some one calling a priest by his bare name in India. A priest or pastor is addressed as Rev Fr Thomas Choorackal or Fr Sebastian Edakkarotte or Rev Dr Dinakaran or Rev Bishop K. P. Yohannan. The regrettable part is that I see almost all of these Fathers and Pastors calling their Most High Master just JESUS…!

I strongly feel that the Divine Master must be called at least as Lord JESUS or JESUS the Savior. I suggest when we call upon our Lord in prayer we must add at-least one of HIS additional Titles or Adjectives with strong devotion and love to the Name of our Lord even if they are not mentioned in the prayer books. For Example, where ever there is only 'Jesus' mentioned I request the devotees to call Lord Jesus or Christ Jesus or Jesus Son of God or Jesus Master of the Universe....!

If we observe closely how people belonging to other religions say the names of their prophets or Gods, it is enough to open the eyes of the Christians to give due respect to the Holy Name of JESUS the son of Almighty God…!!!

I used to watch a devotional program telecast in the Surya TV (a leading television net work in Malayalam) which shared the positive outlook of different religions by learned and famous Hindu Pundits, Islamic Scholars and Christian Priests/Pastors. I was happy when I watched the Hindu Swamis and Muslim Clerics pronouncing the names of their idols with a lot of honor as Bhagavan (God) Sri/Shri (a word used in India with respect before a name) Rama Chandra Murthy, Bhagavan Sri Krishna and noticed the Muslims never call their Prophet Muhammad (Mohammed) without the title ‘Prophet’. And I was delighted to watch seeing the Islamic scholars always call God as “Parama Karunyavanaya Allahu” (Most Merciful Allah) or “Sarva Shakthanaya Allahu” (Allah the Almighty). When ever a Christian Priest or Pastor use their Master’s name they repeatedly simply said ‘Jesus’ (as if they were saying the name of some children or their colleagues)…! It is very unfortunate and saddening. Let me hope that here after the devotees of Lord Jesus Christ use HIS most powerful, holy and greatest Name with due respect and veneration.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Kattachira Miracle by the Blessed Virgin Mother Mary is ONE YEAR old

The miracle of the flex board photo image of the Mother of Lord Jesus, St Mary, kept at the Syrian Jacobite ( Yacobaaya Pally) Chapel at Kattachira near Kayamkulam in Alleppy district of Kerala in India, is continueing non-stop for one year now. The miracle was first seen by Kochu Rani - a local resident woman on 21 st October, 2009 and brought to the notice of the villagers. Soon it spread like wild fire and people from all walks of life including Church Authorities, Critics, Media experts, Political and government officials rushed to the spot to confirm the incident. At first it was thought that the Mother of the Lord was weeping, as the right eye of the photo was shedding tears. Later after a week the liquid that flew from the photo gave out a fragrance and it has been continuing for one year. More than 70 bottles of the liquid is collected so far and all the visitors are having an opportunity to enjoy its inexplicable heavenly fragrance, which as per the witness and testimony of many people , the oil like liquid is considered as a medicine that has been curing numerous diseases. People from all over the country and abroad visit the small church to witness this great miracle. The church is declared as a global Marian Pilgrim Centre by the Head of the Syrian Jacobite Church.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Devotion and Power of the Holy Rosary:

St Louis de Montfort, a great devotee of the Blessed Virgin Mother and an ambassador of the Holy Rosary says: "I shall vouch and sign with my blood that who ever or any family that prays the Rosary every day will never perish".

The devotion of the Holy Rosary was insisted by the Blessed Virgin Mother Mary herself to the 3 children during Her apparition at Fatima. Rosary Prayers have always been a powerful medicine to get healed from even dreaded diseases, a mighty weapon to get freed from satanic powers, a guaranteed formula for the unity and integrity of the family, and a proven instrument for the reception of any favor from God Almighty. The month of October is dedicated to the prayer of the Holy Rosary by the Universal Catholic Church. The Feast of the Holy Rosary is celebrated by the Church on the 7th of October every year world-wide.

St. Don Bosco has requested the parents thus: “Family Rosary is the loving chain that connects the children to their parents. Love your children, correct their mistakes and pardon them and offer the Rosary Prayers daily with them. Then the families will strongly flourish and Peace and joy will prevail.” He also advises the devotees, “Never forget to pray the Rosary everyday.” He asks, “How can we forget our Holy Mother who loves us so much and fills us with all the necessary blessings?”

The Blessed Mother has promised to St. Dominic, “Whatever you ask through the Rosary will be granted.”

There are many stunning incidents / miracles happened (and continues to happen every moment) by the meditating and reciting of the Rosary. The incident which I recently read in a printed media is really unbelievable. When Atom bombs were exploded in Japan, the Jesuit Monastery with eight monks which was just one kilometer away from the spot of the explosion was miraculously saved as they prayed the Holy Rosary with devotion and sought the protection of the Holy Mother.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Significance of Christian / Catholic Priests:

Christian /Catholic Priests are the ones who deserve the highest level of respect and honor on the earth. A Priest, irrespective of his physical appearance, personality, level of knowledge, capability, nationality, various talents etc… he is to be respected as an agent of the Most High God. No world leaders or the heads of the super power countries do not equal a Priest of Christ. A priest is neither elected by the people nor appointed by any human authority but he is a representative of the Almighty, as a priest is appointed and anointed by God Himself. The saying of St Francis of Assisi who is known as the second Christ, underlines this point. “If I see an Angel and a Priest together, I will first wish the Priest and then the Angel.” St. Jerome the great has said, “All the Praise and worship of the Saints and Angels together with that of Blessed Mother Mary does not equal a Eucharistic Service performed by a Catholic Priest.”

Christian/Catholic Priests used to receive respect from all the people in the past in most of the countries like India for their dedicated and simple life style, exemplary services rendered to the society in the fields of Education, Medical, health, poverty eradication and their struggle to establish human rights without any discrimination of caste, creed, race, color, religious beliefs etc. Some Priests used to serve the society with their Spiritual Power to heal the sick and to drive out demons and evil spirits. They were honored as People from heaven even by the non-Christians.

It is sad indeed when some priests do not rise to the high expectation of the Church, the faithful and the world community itself. Now days we hear a number of stories about erring priests and the religious from around the world. Because of some priests and religious (nuns & brothers) that live forgetting their precious Calling, the Catholic Church has become the center of criticism in some countries. There are some dioceses that had to pay heavily for the wrongs committed by some of its priests. Even the Holy Father, Pope Benedict the XVI had to apologize to the people of many countries for the mistakes of some of the priests of the Catholic Church. When the enemies of the Church try to take undue advantage of all these things, to some extend the faith of an average devotee is also shaken. When some priests defame the Church of Christ because they succumb to their human weakness, there are many priests who are constantly attacked with false accusations without any reason by the vested interests. They bear the pain as they are really spiritual without making any complaints. What ever the reason, no human being is expected to judge or accuse a priest, as he is closely observed by the Lord who made him, appointed him and sent him to his present area of service and it is only HE who has the right to judge him and reward him accordingly.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

No Mobile (Cell) Phones in Churches:

Mobile phones (cell phones) have become a part and parcel of the present day mankind. Cellular/Mobile Phone has become an unavoidable part of everyone’s life. In some countries it has become a status symbol, more than a useful tool. Some people in some countries, even make an outward judgment of the financial / Social status of a person seeing the cost and make of his cell phone. However, to a greater extend, the discovery of mobile phone has been a great boon to the present day man to save time, health, life, energy and money.

But Mobile phones are not allowed anywhere and everywhere. Some governments have already banned them in courts, educational institutions, prisons, places of worship, banks, theaters and libraries. In certain offices and areas they are banned and their use is strictly prohibited. One is either asked to switch off or keep away his cell phone, when preparing to meet some important persons or visiting some important offices/places. In countries like India, even public servants like doctors and some officers demand the visitor to switch off the cell phone before entering his/her room. If it is the case with normal human beings who are democratically, politically and socially equal to you and me, is it not polite on our side to voluntarily switch off / keep off that disturbing instrument when we enter the Divine Presence of our Creator, Redeemer, Master, King, Judge and God …?

Some countries like Armenia, China, France, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, etc already have legalized the use of mobile phone jammers to ban the use of mobile phones in certain areas. In some countries like Mexico, 'cell phone-jammers' are installed in Churches to cut off the signals of the mobile phones in the premises.

It is upto each and every devotee to examine how much respect and importance one gives to his Creator and God, and as a mark of his utmost priority to GOD, it is expected to switch off / keep away such instruments voluntarily; and not for the sake of rules and laws.

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Whether one can use his/her shoes / foot-wear / chappels / slippers inside a Church depends upon his/hers relationship with the ONE in the Church and some other factors. Devotees belonging to most other religions keep away their shoes or foot wear when they enter their Places of worship considering them to be holy. But Christians generally have a habit of not removing their shoes. In countries where the climate is very cold it was used in the olden days to protect their feet from cold. It was justified then.

But in countries like India, it is strongly felt that one should enter the House of God with bare feet. In most denominational Churches in Kerala it is maintained strictly.

When we are instructed to enter the office of some officials and doctors without foot-wear, we scrupulously obey it...! Why don't we voluntarily come forward to do it to show our utmost respect to our God and Master???

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Obligatory Spiritual Positions in Most Churches

Obligatory Spiritual Positions at Holy Mass:

Different positions / postures /gestures/ are introduced in the Holy Mass to enable the participant to perform well with utmost devotion during the Holy Worship and to control his thoughts and attention from wandering.

The three main obligatory Positions a Faithful is encouraged to follow during a Catholic, Orthodox, Anglican, Jacobite, Kananaya, Marthoma, CSI & CNI Mass are (1) Standing (2) Sitting and (3) Kneeling.

Though they are obligatory to be observed along with the community, how ever the sick, the aged and the handicapped are exempted from it.

1. Standing: A devotee observes this position to show his/her ‘Reverence and Respect’. When the Priest arrives for the Holy Mass to the Alter, (or when the bell rings / when the entrance hymn is sung) all faithful stand. When the Holy Gospel is shared, the faithful observe the standing posture. After the offering is made the participants stand, when the celebrant says “pray brethren that our sacrifice may …” All faithful stand and utter the ‘Lord’s Prayer’ in standing position with faith and trust in the Father. While receiving the Holy Communion also in most Churches, the participants stand in a row piously.

2. Sitting: Sitting position is included in the Eucharistic Service not to relax or take some rest, but to listen keenly to the Words of God (the first & second and readings from the psalms) and to meditate on them. Also when the Priest or some one authorized by him explains & interprets the Word of God in the Light of the Most Holy Spirit by Devotional Sermons. The faithful can also sit and chat/talk in silence with the Lord who has come in him after receiving the Holy Communion. It should be remembered that, while sitting in a Church especially during Holy Mass, the physical position should be maintained in a respectable manner. Keeping one leg upon another and/or leaning back too much comfortably on the backrest of the seat (as one sits in his own home or private places) are considered as disrespect to the Master.

3. Kneeling: Kneeling with both legs, right leg and left leg has significance in most Christian Religious Practices. Kneeling is a posture, which is expressed to show penance, sacrifice, surrendering, commitment and utmost reverence.

Kneeling with Both Legs: During the Holy Mass, when the priest prays to the Father in Heaven to send HIS Holy Spirit to sanctify the offerings (hosts made of wheat and wine) and make them the ‘Body and Blood of Christ’, it is truly believed that Divine intervention takes place there and the hosts and wine transform into the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ. During that service, all congregation pray in full faith with both legs knelt, as the Most Holy Spirit of the Lord arrives amidst them.

When ever, the Eucharistic body of Christ venerated in the tabernacle is taken out in procession, or it passes near us, we need to kneel on both legs and show our respect. Also when ever the Eucharistic body of the Lord is venerated on the Alter for Adoration (Holy hour) the congregation kneels in full humility, honor and respect, acknowledging the presence of the Heavenly spirits and Saints - including the Blessed Virgin Mother - adoring the Most High Lord, JESUS Christ along with us.

Kneeling with right leg: When ever we enter a Church or Chapel where the Lord is Present in the form of ‘Eucharist’, we must kneel on the right leg and bend towards the ‘Tabernacle’ saying in mind “My Lord, My God.” When ever we pass from one side to the other side in a Church too, it is customary to kneel on the right leg and show due reverence to the Holy Eucharist in the tabernacle. During Adoration of the Holy Eucharist or the celebration of the Holy mass that kneeling and respect is done facing the Alter on which the Lord is enthroned.

Note: In all the above areas, instead of kneeling on the right leg, it is always better to kneel on both legs if and when ever possible. If one is unable to kneel on his knees because of health reasons, he must bow down his body and or head.

Kneeling on left leg: When meeting our Bishop or a Spiritual head above his rank like Arch-Bishop or Cardinal, in whose religious territory we belong, there was a custom to kneel on our left leg and kiss the ring on his finger which is a symbol of his Spiritual authority. Now-a-days, mostly it is performed by bowing forward.

Bowing of the Body:

Bowing too, is an easy and fast gesture of showing reverence. It is highly appreciable and spiritually essential to bow one’s head at certain Spiritual practices.

Whenever the Holy Name of our Lord ‘JESUS’ is uttered or heard, please make it a habit to bow your head in reverence, because It is the ONLY Name given under the sun, for the redemption of the entire humanity. HIS Name is the name above all … all names. HIS name is very Holy and so powerful that IT can perform any wonders and miracles. IT can heal any sickness, even dreaded diseases and plagues and can even raise the dead…! We must be aware that numerous Angels and Saints find inexplicable pleasure in adoring the Lord and Worshiping HIS Most Holy Name unceasingly.

Just chanting of the most Holy Name of JESUS itself terrifies and flees the satan.
Please remember to prefix any of the titles such as Lord / God / Master / Savior / Redeemer / Messiah / before using the name of Jesus Christ and feel proud to be permitted to use HIS Divine Name.

When ever a devotee passes by a Church by walk or by some vehicle, where the Holy Eucharist is venerated, or sees a crucifix above a Church or Chapel, it is good to bow the head and say in mind “my Lord; my God” which will protect us from any dangers of the soul and body.

Other Spiritual Gestures:

Hand movements: Hand movements too are important during devotional worship. Hands in different positions are held during various spiritual practices. Here are the common hand movements which can be applied in a Church {for own welfare and other’s sake}.

Joined Hands are used to pray earnestly in many countries. People in most Asian countries like India, and Africa join their hands to show their respect to higher officials, superiors or land lords to show their respect and get pleased and favors granted. Joined hands also create sympathetic feeling to the pleading ones. So when ever we pray for the forgiveness of our sins and for various other favors of the LORD, Praying tenderly with hands joined together, is very appropriate and effective and it shows and motivates the co-worshiper who may not be attentive in the Spiritual service.

Open Hands Spread forward /and turned upward (not fully stretched) are used now-a-days when the Lord's Prayer is recited piously. Also in personal and Charismatic Prayers, on can use open / stretched / raised hands according to the situation.

May the Merciful Lord acknowledge your Devotion and Bless You, Your Children and all Your Dear and Near ones abundantly and shower HIS unlimited Blessings upon you ... Amen.