Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Devotion and Power of the Holy Rosary:

St Louis de Montfort, a great devotee of the Blessed Virgin Mother and an ambassador of the Holy Rosary says: "I shall vouch and sign with my blood that who ever or any family that prays the Rosary every day will never perish".

The devotion of the Holy Rosary was insisted by the Blessed Virgin Mother Mary herself to the 3 children during Her apparition at Fatima. Rosary Prayers have always been a powerful medicine to get healed from even dreaded diseases, a mighty weapon to get freed from satanic powers, a guaranteed formula for the unity and integrity of the family, and a proven instrument for the reception of any favor from God Almighty. The month of October is dedicated to the prayer of the Holy Rosary by the Universal Catholic Church. The Feast of the Holy Rosary is celebrated by the Church on the 7th of October every year world-wide.

St. Don Bosco has requested the parents thus: “Family Rosary is the loving chain that connects the children to their parents. Love your children, correct their mistakes and pardon them and offer the Rosary Prayers daily with them. Then the families will strongly flourish and Peace and joy will prevail.” He also advises the devotees, “Never forget to pray the Rosary everyday.” He asks, “How can we forget our Holy Mother who loves us so much and fills us with all the necessary blessings?”

The Blessed Mother has promised to St. Dominic, “Whatever you ask through the Rosary will be granted.”

There are many stunning incidents / miracles happened (and continues to happen every moment) by the meditating and reciting of the Rosary. The incident which I recently read in a printed media is really unbelievable. When Atom bombs were exploded in Japan, the Jesuit Monastery with eight monks which was just one kilometer away from the spot of the explosion was miraculously saved as they prayed the Holy Rosary with devotion and sought the protection of the Holy Mother.

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