Thursday, November 25, 2010

Christians and the habit of Reading and Meditating The Holy Bible daily:

Holy Bible is the Book that has influenced the mankind more than any other books. No human can explain fully the greatness of this Book authored by the Most High God Himself. The Holy Bible is the Divine Word that is Lord Jesus Christ (St. Jn. 1:1). Many Christians specially the Catholics must make a self examination ‘whether one reads the Holy Bible (The Living Word of God) and meditates on it daily?’ It is very regrettable to find that the present generation gives very less importance to the Word of God. (We all know many portions and passages of the Bible!) As the Word of God is life-giving and illuminates ones path and serves as a lamp to one’s ways (Ps.119:105), it is highly advisable to start every day after reading at least some verses from the Holy Bible.

The Catholic families of Kerala were widely quoted by most people for their regular family prayers. It is a remarkable habit taught and trained by our parents and ancestors. But today’s comfort, luxury and entertainments are causing a big obstacle to this great habit of Evening Family prayers by all members.

Dear friend, if you do not maintain the habit of Praying with your full family (parents, wife & children) at least for some time regularly and Reading a small paragraph from the Holy Bible and meditating a little while, please start it from today… for the sake of your children, grand children and future generation.

May God Bless you and your family abundantly……!

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