Saturday, December 31, 2011

Prayerful wishes for the Happy New Year 2012. Let's Thank The Lord for the year 2011.

All of us are busy preparing for welcoming another New Year, 2012. At the same time we are saying good bye to the year 2011. Every year will be leaving so many memories in everybody's life. Some are sweet and some are very bitter.

Those who faced much bitter things in their lives anticipate for an Year full of promising and Happy. Those in bad health due to various diseases , miseries, debts, financial crisis, family problems, threat, fear of many things, separation from dear and near ones, under natural calamities, clutches of devil, bad habits, etc look up for a solution to a their problems.

It is only the Lord who can be an answer for all these. He alone is the only solution. So never give up, rather hold on to Him and He will liberate all.

I whole-heartedly wish all who visit my blogs, a very Happy, Healthy, Prosperous and Promising New Year 2012.

Iam very grateful to the Almighty God for all the favors HE has bestowed up on me and my family. I thank HIM for all the good people He has given to us like Parents, the Loving wife and two children, Priests, Brothers, Sisters, Relatives and Friends who loved us and helped us in various ways in the past year with their Prayers, words and deeds.

If you want to wish your beloved ones 'A HAPPY NEW YEAR' or 'THANK' some one, Please make use of the comment box below. God Bless All...!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hi, Hello, Hallow all are derived from Halleluia, Hallelujah ...!

What does the word hi, hello or hallow mean is not known to many. The word used largely and extensively in the entire world as a salutation nowadays may be 'Hello' which is derived from 'hallow' which means sacred or holy. Hi is a shorter form of hello. Saintly people and monks in the past used to Praise and worship the Almighty God throughout the day and night, in every work and action. They used to utter 'Hallowed be your Name, Father' or 'God be Hallowed' while wishing others.

This word slowly developed as a word for salutation in the past centuries. Instead of saying 'Hallowed be the Lord', they slowly started saying, hallow ignoring the meaning in the phrase.

According to some other researches, the word 'Hallelujah' (Halleluia /Halleluia /Alleluia) is pronounced to say ' Praise to the Creator' or Praise to the Lord God.

The Primitive Christians right from the beginning even during the time of severe persecutions, encouraged and strengthened one another saying, 'hallelujah'. This word while served as a salutation for the co-faithful, its main aim was to praise the Lord God always...!

This sacred way of wishing one another slowly became a word used by not only Christians but also the entire world...! So one thing is imminent, knowingly or unknowingly "every tongue praises HIS Glory" in this universe....!

Here after let's say "Halleluia" while answering the phone or saluting another ... and if not, say "Hello" thinking and believing that we are saying 'Praise to the Lord, our God'

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Attack on Minorities must be treated as terrorism. Justice Michael Saldanha

Justice Saldanha, former Chief Justice of Karnataka High Court has lamented recently in the 'persecuted pastors/Christians' conference organized jointly by All India Christian Council (AICC) and Karnataka Missions Network (KMN) that the atrocities on the Christian Communities are increasing in some states of India, specially in Karnataka State.

He stated that the attacks and violence on Minorities should be treated as terrorist act.

All the participants denounced the statement made by Subramanyam Swamy on Christians and his efforts to sabotage the bill named 'communal violence prevention bill'. They all condemned in one voice the frequent recurrance of vandalism against Christian Institutions specially in Mangalore.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Our Lady, queen of Peace to grant apparition to Marija at 6:40 pm on October 20, 2011 at Mexico City

The Virgin Mother of Lord Jesus, Our Lady Queen of Peace, who has been appearing to her devotees for about 30 years at Medjugorje has promised to grant Her blissful apparition to Visionary Marija on October 20th, 2011 at Templo de San Agustin Catholic Church in Mexico City. All the devotees of the Mother of Lord and Her Sons followers can join this great heavenly feast and listen to what She has to tell the people of Mexico.

For the Location of the Venue and other details regarding the time schedule, frequently asked questions, dress code etc please Click the link of Medjugorje:

Friday, September 16, 2011

Viswasichalum Illenkilum (Believe it or Not) dated 15th September, 2011

Yesterday's (15-09-2011) 'believe it or not' on Asianet Malayalam channel telecast a miracle happening at a Christian Chapel (Kurisu Palli) in Mavur road in Kozhikode of Kerala. Every Fridays people of different Religions and Faith crowd there which causes even huge traffic blocks. It is a small chapel with a 'Miraculous Cross' that grows gradually....!

The history of the growing rocky Cross: A woman while cutting grass accidentally touched her sickle knife on a 'small cross curved of stone' and seeing blood gushing out of it she was terrified and ran away in fear. Then a person named Fernandez found the cross and placed it devoutly. A Hindu family of that place donated site for the construction of a Chapel over the Cross.

The century old cross has become the centre of miracles. The majority that approach the Kurisummoodu Pally are Hindus and Muslims. candles are lit throughout the day and devotees are free to offer their own prayers and offerings for various needs.

According to the believing, any difficult problem will be solved, however great they are, if candles are lighted and oil is poured in the lamps continuously for seven Fridays with Faith...!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Not Muslim Terrorists behind the Delhi bomb blasts...?

The bomb blasts that killed and injured many innocent people in the Delhi High court compound on September 7th, 2011 is very unfortunate and highly condemnable.

A terror outfit named as HuJi has claimed responsibility for this barbaric act. Many electronic and print medias have reported this incident and termed this 'outfit' as 'Islamic or Muslim' terrorists.

I strongly feel this is completely wrong. How can a Muslim kill and wound innocent children of Allah...? How can a devoted person who believes that God is the Creator of all... destroy any 'creation' or damage anything, created by God...?

Terrorists and criminals have no God, Religion, Love, Compassion, Faith etc. They may bear names similar to that of people belonging to some religions like Islam, Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism, Jewish etc. But they do not adhere to the faith or follow the tenets of any Religion, nor are they guided by the 'Divine Spirit' of Love and Peace, but the darkness of satan, the evil spirit of hate, cruelty and unrest.

So, people should stop terming inhuman terrorists linking to any Religion. A person bearing the name of a Christian Saint or a Muslim Prophet and indulging in anti-human activities, does not belong to Christianity or Islam and for that reason alone that religion should not be blamed.

When some one involves in such activities and seek support of any community, they should be isolated and banned, because showing any sympathy or support of any kind to the satan is completely against the Will of the Almighty God...!

Add your comments please...!

Friday, August 26, 2011

God will Save America from the horrible Hurricane Irene.

The devastating hurricane that is hitting America is very horrible. About 2.5 million people are ordered to evacuate as hurricane 'Irene' continues to spread fears in coastal cities. All five major airports in New York City area are closed for incoming flights.

New Jersey, New York, Maryland, North Carolina, Virginia and Delaware are the cities that are under the grip of fear most.

We whole-heartedly pray for all those who are affected by this hurricane to the Almighty Lord, Jesus Christ, Who commanded the storm and the sea to be calm and made them obey. He alone is the Master of the Universe and all in it.

At the same time, when we are safe and sound, we must never forget the Merciful Lord, Who has commanded His Angels to protect and safe-guard us. Always be thankful to HIM.

So, dear brethren, do not lose heart, keep your hope in the Good Lord, Who alone can save all the human kind...!

Vandals set fire to Malankara Church Altar in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

The most unfortunate incident of setting on fire the Altar of the Mother Mary Malankara Catholic Church by unidentified vandals took place on Thursday (Aug 25, 2011)near Krupanand Hall at Ganesh Colony in Picket of Secunderabad . They even burnt copies of the Bible, Cross, hymn books, Mass clothes and other holy ornaments.

A similar incident was witnessed by the same Church some four years ago. Activists of Hindu extremist group called, Bajrang Dal, had then attacked the Priest and damaged the Church property.

Father Felix, the Parish Priest and the elders of the Church registered a complaint with the police and the police has set up a picket, to curb further untoward incidents, though no arrests have been made so far.

People should isolate any miscreant group or sect that disrupts the communal harmony.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Bro Paul Dhinakaran to Preach in kakinada

Noted Evangelist and Director of 'Jesus Calls Ministries' having its head quarters in Chennai and spread in many areas, Brother Paul Dhinakaran, s/o the late World Famous Christian Preacher and healer, Rev D.G.S Dhinakaran is to deliver the message of the Lord Jesus Christ in Kakinada of East Godavari District in Andhra Pradesh on 26th to 28th of August 2011 from 5.30 pm onwards at the JNTU Engineering College grounds.

He is to come with his wife, who is also a faithful servant of God and a good speaker spelly involved in women's ministries, and his children gifted with the Divine Blessings.

It will be a Great Blessing event for all the people of Kakinada, without any religious or racial differences. He is famous for intercessory healing prayers just as his late father Dhinakaran.

We wish and Pray that the 'Gospel Convention' be very successful...!

Monday, August 15, 2011

After 64th Independence Day, Anna Hazare -2nd Gandhian arrested by 'Indians'...!

Yesterday the 65th Day of Indian Independence was celebrated through out the nook and corners of India, with great pomp and gaiety. But the arrest and detention of 'Anna Hazare' one of the very few Gandhians living in the country, fighting to liberate India from the anti-Indians, who rule it and robe it, on the very next day itself, is very unfortunate.

We saw a lot of untoward and unpleasant incidents, violence, arson and riots that shook Great Briton last week. But not learning anything from another's experience is stubbornness. It is high time for the Indian politicians and the government to learn lessons and act accordingly, before it is too late and goes beyond the control.

The government is elected by the majority of the voters, with the expectation and hope that, the elected representatives would remember always that it is the people that elected them, and they should not loot or sell or betray their mother land, but should strive to take such a wonderful country with great reputation and wealth, to prosperity and growth.

When all the leaders, departments and machinery that are responsible for checking and eliminating corruption are not functioning properly, ultimately the 'majority' 'passive people' who do not have any affiliation with any political parties or persons, lose their patience and resort to violence which may be very difficult to be controlled.

Dear Government, don't be deaf and blind, act swiftly and put a full stop to 'corruption' without any fear or 'soft corner' or 'grudge' and you can regain all your lost glory....!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

P.C. Alexander (90), called to Eternal Rest: funeral to be held on Saturday

The proven and powerful statesman and diplomat of yester-years Dr. P.C. Alexander, who served and proved his ability in many key posts Nationally and Internationally, has been called for Eternal Reward at the age of 90.

Dr. Alexander, who served as the principle secretary of former prime minister of
India, Mrs. Indira Gandhi and Mr Rajive Gandhi.

He was quoted much for his simplicity, honesty and Christian devotion.

The funeral is to be held on Saturday, the 13th of August, at his home Parish at Mavelikera town in Alappuzha district of Kerala which will be attended by people from all walks of life.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Unfortunate London Riots spreading to other cities of UK. What is the reason for UK riots?

The riots that spread out in the great London city in England recently is quite unfortunate. It is a cause of concern to understand that it is now spreading to other cities also. Beautiful and elegent London city which is situated in the middle of the whole earth enjoys a high place of reputation for its peace, tranquility and riches of all types.

Even the Government of such a city and a country is facing the ire of the desperate people. It should be an eye-opener to all the Governments of the world. If the steps and policies taken by the political people who rule a state or country, are against the wishes of the majority, such riots, violence, looting and arsen would take place and the people may be forced to the law into their hands...!

Social uprising, racial tension and the policies of the coalition government are all the major reasons of the riots.

Any how a Christian, while seeing all these things happen, should remember the Holy Words of the Lord, said two thousand years ago and Pray to the Lord to make him eligible to 'stand with the head raised to face the Lord who is going to come soon'...! (Mark 13: 8 & 12)

Let us all whole heartedly pray for Peace to prevail and harmonious life of people in all the countries.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Metropolitan Archbishop Cornelius Elenjikkal's Funeral on 9th August, 2011 (Tuesday)

Kerala's 93 years young, Catholic Metropolitan Archbishop Emeritus of Varappuzha Arch Diocese and former Bishop of Vijayapuram Diocese, who passed away about 7.30 a.m. on Sunday (7-8-2011) following old-age related illness, is to be given a ceremonial funeral at St. Francis Assisi Cathedral on Tuesday (9th August, 2011).

The Late Archbishop, whose sense of humour and affection endeared him to the people, was a Vedic scholar with vast knowledge of Hindu theology. He was also a prolific composer of Christian devotional songs.

Chief Minister of Kerala Oommen Chandy was among the dignitaries from political and social sections, who paid their last respects to the Archbishop at Lourdes Hospital in Ernakulam on Sunday.

The Metropolitan Archbishop Elenjickal was recalled by the Kerala Minister for Information and Public Relations K.C. Joseph as a person who fought valiantly for social justice and a person with a lot of warmth and kindness.

Union Minister of State for Civil Supplies K.V. Thomas and Kerala's Minister for Electricity, Aryadan Mohammed and many other politicians recalled his as a person with humilty and great spirituality.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Mr A.K Antony and a Gospel Verse, Matt 5:5...!

Shri Arackaparambil Kurien Antony (Mr A.K Anthony), the Defense Minister of India, reminds me of the Holy Bible verse Matt 5:5, "Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth"

Any one who is aware of the political happenings of Kerala back to some years, probably a decade, may feel the same as I do. When Mr A.K Antony was the Chief minister of Kerala, he had to face non-stop unreasonable criticism from the opposition (LDF- the Communist parties) and another group(s) of his own party, the Indian National Congress.

Though he was honest and loyal to the highest esteem, he exercised the virtue of being 'meek and patient' many a times and for this reason alone many of his own supporters criticized him for keeping silence on his attackers. But time proved the Holy Verses coming true. Later he is elevated to one of the most important ministries of India and today he is appointed as a core committee member of Congress party by the high command, the highest position in the party, and of course one of the most powerful position in the land.

Where are those who ceaselessly attacked him being in his own party then...?
They are nowhere...! They have lost their positions, power, goodwill, reputation... even the people who supported them blindly...!

So any one can remember this Holy Verse Matt 5:5, "Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth"

What do you think?

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Let us all unite in Prayer for Mrs Sonia Gandhi, recovering after (cancer) surgery...?

May the Almighty God shower HIS Blessings for the speedy recovery of Mrs Sonia Gandhi (the President of UPA Government and Indian National Congress Party), who is in the Intensive Care Unit of a Hospital in USA after a successful surgery. Though the nature of her illness and the hospital locations are not yet reveled for the sake of privacy, according to Tehelka news magazine's report, she was admitted in New York's Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, said to be the world's largest cancer center.

What ever the sickness or where ever she is being treated, we pray with a heavy heart for her speedy recovery and early home return in full health of mind and body. We also request the prayers of all like-minded people...!

Please join in making a small prayer for Mrs. Sonia Gandhi,

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New Web sites of Our Lady of Health Vailankanni Shrine

Shrine Vailankanni is the most popular pilgrim centre of Most Holy Virgin Mother (Arogya Matha - Mother of Good Health) in India. Thousands of people without any religious difference throng this Church every day seeking the Mother's protection and prayers for receiving various favors. All the prayers from the heart with faith and love for the mother of God, are answered here. Miracles take place every moment.

The church's Beautiful Websites give you a full view of the Church and the worship that take place here.

JUSTICE N. SANTOSH HEGDE, Lokayukta of Karnataka State, must be given special protection and awards

It was a breaking news: the fact findings of Karnataka Lokayuktha, Justice Santhosh Hegde made the corrupt chief minister of Karnataka to resign after a lot of prolonged struggle and high drama...! Justice Santhosh Hegde deserves praise for his courageous action without any fear of the powerful. He must be taken as an example by those who have authority and responsibility to fight against corruption and injustices.

When the politicians who are elected and entrusted the powers to govern and safeguard a state or country, behave in such a way, and betray the interests of the people or state or country, they should be prosecuted without any mercy or partiality and should be granted the stringent punishment more than a citizen, who commits the same crime.

I feel these unclean but mighty corrupt politicians will not forget their anger on sincere and honest people like Mr. Santhosh Hegde, and they will not waste any chance to take revenge on such people, who are always a threat to corrupt politicians...!

Hence the Government of India should give suitable protection to the lives and properties of such people, considering them as national assets, before some untoward incident occurs, as usual...!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Love: what is God's Love, Human Love and devil's love

We all know to some extend what 'Love' is. We have heard many times quoting 'God is Love'. That means love is God. The term 'love' is originally pure and good. Sometimes it is misinterpreted and taken in the wrong sence. Love can never go wrong or commit any crimes, if it is real 'love'...!

Love is of three types.

God' Love: It is real love. It is unconditional and limit less. God's love is full of compassin and kindness. Its depth or height is not measurable. It is always flowing evenly to all human beings, whether good or bad...!

Human Love: It is always selfish. Human love consists of Parental love, children's love, Brothers' love, couple's love, love (attraction) of opposite sex, etc. All these love's are driven by some self benefit...!

Popular Mission Retreat in Sacred Heart Church

It is proposed to conduct a Retreat by the famous 'Popular Mission Team' in the Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh in the first week of October, 2011. The five day Retreat begins on the evening of 2nd October and concludes on 6th. The head quarters of Popular Mission Center is at Potta in Chalakkudy of Kerala. They have a world famous Retreat Center at 'Muringoor' in Chalakkudy which is attended by thousands of people every week. Retreats are held here in English and most other Indian Languages every week. A lot of great Miracles take place during these retreats.

Rev. Fr. Antony Antheenatt, the Parish Priest of Sacred Heart Parish has organized this retreat to bring about a spiritual revival and progress in the faithful of this parish and the nearby parishes like St. Ann's Church Jagannaickpur, St. Anthony's Church, Samalkot, St. Mary's Church, Yanam etc.

All the devotees are expected to make good use of this opportunity and to make a self examination of his/her way and to mend it if needed.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sr Jean, the Mother Teresa of Bangalore can stay in India

It was a good gesture from the Indian home ministry to extend the visa of Rev Sr Jean, who has been serving the lepers, poor, sick and worried people in and around Sumanahalli in Bangalore for the last 29 years. This Sister's visa expired yesterday and she was about to say a farewell to her crying inmates and the less fortunate people with tears, to go back to her Native country England.

Just minutes before her departure, an urgent message was sent to her stating the unconditional extension of her visa to stay and serve the poor of India. This order of the Ministry of Home affairs, New Delhi, was welcomed by all the people without any differences of religion or caste.

May God Bless Rev Sr Jean with a long life and good health and mind to serve the poor.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Body language of Celebrities, Amitabh Bachchan and Rajani Kanth

Humility, simplicity and openness make a person more attractive, lovable and admirable. I am writing this to comment the appreaciable behaviour of two Indian cinema super stars, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan and Mr. Rajani Kanth. Thogh I watch good movies now and then and I am fond of the excellent action of many Indian superstars and actors, I personally like Shri Amitabh and Thiru Rajani for their plainness and humbleness.

Though these two are doubtlessly among the first and best in ranking, they give due respect even to the smallest artist and to the staff of the units. We are often irritated to see the pround behaviour of so many young and upcoming stars, even though they have no or very less number of fans and admirers.

My advise to one and all... The more height you reach or want to reach, you humble yourselves to the lowest level. By doing this your status in the society and in the industry will only increase. Because the Lord Jesus in the Holy Bible says, "Whoever humbles himself will be exalted and whoever exalts himself will be humbled".

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Personality Development - What is personality? What is individuality..?

We see and hear a lot about 'personality development training or courses' now-a-days! Many people misinterpret personality with individuality. To improve or develop a person's individual abilities or talents, certain trainings or confidence-building tactics are taught. This is widely commercialized these days.

Even personality has two sides. The external 'appearance of a person' and the 'internal character' side which makes his true sense! A person is the result of many aspects. His behavior or dealings with others is the result of his 'brought up' by parents, teachers, friends, the society etc.

The external appearance is valued much while assessing a candidate for certain jobs and appointments. What is to be weighed more is his 'true colors' that is temporarily hiding in him.

To some extend the individuality can be developed, by trying to remove any 'inferiority complex' or 'unknown fear' that is a hindrance to the growth of a person. In any case I feel "fear of the Lord" is the most important thing to develop in one's life.

It is very unfortunate if the 'Church' gives any importance to 'outward appearance' or the 'complexion' of the devotees. Because The Lord sees not the appearance but the heart of people.

So beware, "appearances are deceptive"...!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The huge treasures found at Thiruvananthapuram Sri Padmanabha Temple

The recent discovery of the huge treasures in five vaults under the Sri Padmanabha Temple in Tranvancore has become the talk of the world, being it the largest discovery of such hidden treasures in the entire world yet. One can know the importance of this as most of the local, National and International electronic and print media giving wide coverage to it since its unearthing. Now everyone's eyes are turned towards the sixth room which is yet to be opened as the Supreme Court of India has given a stay regarding its opening.

When a Christian sees all these, he must immediately recollect the Sayings of the Lord in the Gospel according to St. Matthew, chapter 13, verse 44. 'The Kingdom of Heaven is like a treasure that a man finds in a land/field and immediately he hides it and hurries home, sells all that he has and buys the land'...!

Acquiring a place in the Kingdom of God is much higher than posessing all the treasures, the world can offer...! A believer should not lose this great berth in God's Kingdom for mere worldly treasures that cannot grant anyone the entry into God's Kingdom.

We have heard many great kings like Goutama Buddha, who lived in this earth forsaking the riches and pleasures of this world, as they realized that they are all vanity. If a man gains the whole world and loses his soul, what is the use (Matt. 16:26)...?
Dear brethren, be watchful...!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Let us all unite in Prayer for those victims of Yesterday's Mumbay Blasts

The triple bomb blasts in the main centers of Mumbai claiming many lives of innocent civilians, and injuring hundreds, thus creating terror and panic in the ordinary people was quite unfortunate. More than a year of peace, the terror strikes were very condemnable. What do they gain by killing or wounding normal people who live in communal harmony and brotherhood...?

Our sympethy and prayers are with the victims and their grief stircken families. May the Almighty God give rest to the departed souls, heal all those who are wounded and in hospitals, and strengthen and give courage to the affected families.

It gives a lot of happiness to understand many people in and around the spot are rushing with aid through social networking sites like twitter and facebook, without any sort of discrimination.

God Bless ALL and prevent another such anywhere on the face of the earth...!!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Beware of Satanic worship and false crucifix and medals...!

This is a Serious warning to all the saved followers of God the Almighty...!!!

The term satanic worship is heard here and there. satan is using all his might to capture, deceive and derail the 'children of God'! We must be aware that he is also mighty. But we can rest and relax because our Lord the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob is Almighty...! He is the One who created everything. He is the One who redeems all. He is the One Who sent His dearly beloved SON to save us...! Alleluia...!

The evil spirit knows that we are approaching the end days. he wants to trap as many children of God as possible and join his gang. Poor innocent people who are not vigilant and walk in a distance from the Word of God are prone to be trapped easily.

Now a days, even Crucifixes, Rosaries and Religious Medals of Blessed Mother and Saints are fake and are manufactured and circulated by these loyalists of the cursed angel. When we buy or receive a spiritual item or product carefully examine it and conform whether it is from the true Church or her devotees...!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Medjugorje Apparitions - for 30 long Years....!

It is a great News that the Apparitions of our Blessed Virgin Mother have been taking place without any hinderance for 30 long years at Medjugorje, a small and quiet place.

Many miracles are continuously taking place here and people from far and wide are rushing to this place to have a vision of Our Lady Queen of Peace of Medjugorje and to get their wishes granted.

Even people who donot honor the Virgin Mother, have no answer to these apparitions, as these are being witnessed by the whole world, including media, dignatries, officials etc.

O' Mother, Queen of Peace of Medjugorje, Please pray for all your children living in this world and grant us peace and true devotion for your Divine Son. Amen...!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Prayer for the London 2012 Olympics

The Church of England has released a prayer for those preparing for the 2012 London Olympic Games. It pleads for God's presence to be with the athletes, their families and supporters , and the thousands of churches preparing for the events in their communities during the preparation and during the games.

The Church of England's Executive Olympics Coordinator, Rev Duncan Green said that as many as 16,000 Churches of England are planning events to coincide with the Olympic 2012 Games.

The Anglican Church's Olympics prayer has been composed by the Rev Christopher Woods, who is the Church of England's National Worship Development Officer.

Let's also join hands with them and pray for the peaceful and successful conduct of the 2012 Olympic Games...!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011 is Vatican's new information website

Pope Benedict XVI has launched recently Vatican's new information website. The official launching came with a short 'twitter message' from the Holy Father, Praising our Lord Jesus Christ. The new portal will have online information from the Vatican's Print and Electronic media outlets as part of Roman Catholic Church's fresh communications.

This site is expected to have high popularity as Catholics alone number about 1.1 billion in the world...!

Praise be to our Lord...!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Independence Day, Dear Americans...!

United State of America is celebrating its 'Independence Day' on 5th July 2011...! We wish whole heartedly all the people of America a "Happy Independence Day"! May God Bless America and all its people abundantly for their steadfast Faith in HIM.

May I request the Americans humbly, not to forget the Lord who has called them and granted them prosperity and joy. I also wish that, America being the strongest and most developed country, should not promote or enact any laws that are contrary to the "Law of the Lord"...!

It is sad to see more American states joining the making of some unnatural laws like legalizing 'the gay marriage'. Recently I read, New York, the largest state also passed the rule!

We have seen many times and learned from experiences, that any individual or organization or state or country, how ever great they are, when they forsake the Teachings of the Lord, and start doing injustices, they will pay for it...! Let America flourish and be safe ....!

Monday, June 27, 2011

26th World Youth Convention of Catholics to be held in Madrid, Spain from 16th August, 2011

World Youth Day (WYD) was started by Pope John Paul II in 1886 to spread the love and fellowship of Lord Christ. This year's WYD congress is to be held at Madrid in Spain from August 16 to 21, 2011. Millions of Catholic youth from around the globe will gather in the Love of the Lord for this convention to share and understand the greatness of different cultures and to renew their strong faith in the Lord our Savior.

pope Benedict the XVI has extended his invitation to the Catholic youth of the world to make this mega annual event a grand success by their prayerful presence, live faith and heavenly charity. The Church in Spain is making all necessary arrangements to experience the joy of sharing and serving the faithful of the Divine Master...!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Nilackal St Thomas Church - World's First Christian Ecumenical Church...!

The Christian Church named St. Thomas Church is the first Christian Ecumenical Church in the world. It is situated on the hill slopes of Nilackal in the western ghats in Pathanamthitta district of Kerala in South India. It was established 30 years ago by the Bishops of Catholic rites, Jacobite, Orthodox, Marthoma, CSI etc jointly. It is built at the place where Apostle St Thomas first established one of the seven and a half Churches about 2000 years ago. Before the construction of this Church an old 'Cross' believed to be a part of the old Church was found. People belonging to most Christian denominations and even people belonging to other religions go to this Church to receive many favors.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Evangelisation Is A Task For All Faithful Of The Church

"The joy of producing the faith in the Church of Rome". This is the theme of the closure of the Pastoral Year of Rome by Pope Benedict the XVI.

In this congress, the Holy Father highlighted the necessity of proclaiming the "Good News" of Lord Jesus Christ to the far corners of the world.

It is the duty and a joyful experience when we share our God given faith with others and show them the path to salvation and eternal world.

Let's be proud of our Faith first and attract others to the Lord's Church by our noble and service-minded lives.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Greed for Money, Power, Position and worldly affairs

Even many chosen and ordained servants today forget at whose servicee they are. Many Priests and Pastors run for position, power and wealth. Some times they behave even more shamefully than pagans. Are they lacking the discernment of the Holy Spirit?

When a priest is elevated as a Bishop, he is expected to become more humble and graceful. He should renounce the world more and get attached to the heaven. If such 'Pastors' lead the Church, how far their tenure will be fruitful and pleasing to the 'ONE' that called them...?

The faithful must pray fervently for the spiritual leaders. Because they will be tormented by the satan more than anyone else and they need more strength to withstand such temptations.

One thing is clear and known to one and all. No position or power or reccomendation or status or wealth shall take any one to Heaven...!

Friday, April 29, 2011

World is ending on May 21, 2011 or December 21, 2012..?

When will the world end...? When is the earth coming to an end...? When is the dooms day...! These are the questions asked by many people afraid of dying or not interested to leave the comfort / happiness / pleasures of this life and all the wealth and properties that they have amassed in this world....!

There are many predictions regarding the end of the world in 2011 or 2012. Some strongly make predictions that it is on the 21st of May 2011 the world will end. But many others are of the opinion that it is on the 21st of December, 2012  the dooms day is falling. Many Scientists are also supporting these prediction as they have a number of reasons to put forward. Hence most people in general are under the grip of some fear about the end of man's life on this earth and/or the earth's coming to an end...!

Should we believe these predictions about the end of the world and fear about these?
The whole world will come to an end one day. It is very very true as it is categorically said by the Universal Master, Jesus Christ...! But HE has made it very clear in the Holy Bible that no man or angel knows the day and hour of the end of the ages and the second coming of the Saviour Jesus to take HIS faithful to the Ever lasting Kingdom.

We need to make a self examination, whether we are eligible to face our Master...? He may come today....! He may come now- this moment...! You and I may never again get another chance to prepare...! This is the acceptable time.... This is the time for Salvation...!

On the other hand, there are some who oppose the end of the world. They are just stubborn like those people who lived and marooned during the time of Noah. When warnings are issued, it is our duty to heed them. There are many indications given in the Holy Bible about the end days. We are, no doubt passing through them. When we see all these things happen, we need to realize that HIS Coming is at hand and try to prepare ourselves to face the Lord with confidence.

Dear Friend, do not panic...but do not neglect...Please...! Let's mend our ways... let's leave all the wrong ways, deceit, lies, murder, thirst for flesh, power and money. For we may not get many warnings...!

The Compassionate and Loving Saviour who have paid preciously for our souls wants and wishes us to join HIM in HIS eternal Kingdom...!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sunday Sermons ‘of the Priests, by the Priests, for the Priests’…!

The Mother Church has issued instructions to the Parish Priests around the world to give a brief explanation of the Gospel and other Bible readings to the parishners depending upon the need and situation of their Parishes at least on Sundays. It is good to see many Priests fulfill this instruction and use their God-given talent of delivering some Biblical Message. I have seen some successful Priests making prior preparation on the Topic, in the light of the Most Holy Spirit. It is quite unfortunate to see some Christian Priests misuse this privilege by performing some ‘oral exercise’ irrelevant to the topic of the day or the community and thus test the patience of the gathered congregation. Those adamant priests, even if it is brought to their notice, never try to make a self examination of the issue or make necessary correction to this practice. In contrary, they further punish the congregation by prolonging their ‘sermon’ even though many devotees leave the Church…!
Priests do know the Words of the Lord, “You cannot do anything without me”. When anyone’s intention is for personal name, fame or appreciation, the Lord’s intervention is not sought and hence it is absent there. Then how can such messages move the hearts and lives of the people…?
Dear Rev Father, forgive me please…if you do not have the gift of powerful speaking … It is not a great problem. Accept the fact the you are lacking it instead of comparing with another Priest…! Even few words spoken with the support of the most Holy Spirit is much better than a lengthy 'Spiritless sermon'. So please submit completely before the Good Lord and ask HIM humbly – who will grant it in plenty to you and the lives of the flock entrusted to your care WILL change by HIS Grace…!!! It is not important "how long you spoke, but how you spoke"!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Do not lie to the Lord in Prayer / Holy Mass...!

When we are in Prayer or Participating in a Holy Mass, never make any prayers with just the lips, without your full attention. For example during the Holy Mass, the Priest says, "Lift up your hearts" and the congregation says in one voice, "we lift them up to the LORD" and then the Priest says, "Let us give thanks to the Lord our God" and the response of the participants is, "It is right to give HIM thanks and Praise."

Many devotees without realizing the meaning of these sayings simply say these responses with the crowd. Is it not a lie...? So, when we say, we have lifted up our hearts to heaven, understand what we are saying and try to truly 'lift up the hearts to GOD'. All responses must come from the heart - and not from the mouth, because the Lord may not like lip services....!

Likewise, when we sing hymns and songs in the Church or at homes, meditate and sing understanding the proper lyrics. Spiritual Devotional songs are not just for the melody or tune, they are also prayers from the depth of the hearts....!

So when we recite or read a Prayer, Let the words and phrases come from our

"Our Father who are in Heaven, Hallowed be thy Name....."or "Hail Mary, Full of Grace..." or "Glory be to the Father...."

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter is Over, But its Promise remains ... for ever...!

Dear visitor, EASTER GREETINGS to you and your near and dear ones.

One more Easter is just over. But we must be aware that the Promises from our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ remains for ever and ever...! The defeat of the death and satan is for ever. The victory of the 'Holy Blood' of the Lord over evil is also for ever. Hence we need to be courages and hopeful. Our Lord has borne all our afflictions on HIS Body... to minimise our pains...!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Please Observe the Most Holy Days as holy and blessed differently.

Starting today (Maundy / Holy Thursday), till Easter Sunday these three days are very Holy. All the Faithful of the Lord Jesus Christ are humbly requested to observe these days with difference inwardly and outwardly.

Please avoid loud talks, jokes, arguments, anger etc and spend these days in silence and meditation maximum possibly. Please avoid any gatherings, celebrations, parties, etc even if held by non- christians and make them realize how much reverence we give for these days by your exemplary activities ...!

All those who missed to make a confession or to pray the 'way of the Cross' can make use of these days. If on these days, you are forced to work, proclaim your love for your Lord who saved you with HIS passion by observing quiet and exposing a mourning face.

Even if you do not want to love Lord Jesus, please do not hate HIM... and increase HIS passions.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Good Friday/ The Holiest Day of Human Redemption/ The Greatest Sacrifice in the universe.

Good Friday is observed as a Day of Sorrow in every nook and corner of the world. It is a holiday for the whole earth. The entire world, without any Religious or racial difference is sad on that Day as the Savior of the humanity sacrificed HIS precious and invaluable Life on the Cross to redeem the entire people and to make them inherit the ‘Kingdom of GOD’. The Good Friday is observed as a Holy Day of fasting and complete abstinance.

Some non-Christian people raise a doubt, why the day on which the Savior died is called as Good Friday by the Christians...? It is the Best day of all days, as on this day only the 'Salvation' and 'Life Eternal'that was Promised by the Almighty God through HIS Profets and Faithful was 'Gifted' to the human race...! What a Great Love ... the Heavenly Father's Love...!

On this day many Christian denominations like Catholics, adore the 'Holy Cross' on which the Saviour of the world hung. Some Christian denominations interupt this as idol worship. The cross, used by the lord to redeem the mankind is not considered and believed as as an idol but as the Blessed 'Alter' chosen by the Lord to make this 'Supreme Sacrifice'

You believe it or not, I have been witnessing since my childhood, even the nature shows its pain over the death of its Creator and showers in the afternoons of Good Fridays … even though this day falls in summer in India…! It is a great miracle unnoticed by any researchers… happening since long…!

Maundy (Holy)Thursday/ The Last Supper Day/ The gruesome Day on which the Master was betrayed by His Disciple

On Maundy Thursday (Holy Thursday), All Churches across the globe commemorate the Last Supper of the Lord. It was on that Day the Lord established the ‘Sacrament of the Holy Mass’ and the 'Holy Eucharist'. The Lord’s humility is depicted in all Churches during the Holy Service. The Priest washes the feet of twelve faithful as the Lord washed the feet of His twelve disciples on the last supper day before He was betrayed and caught in Gethsemane. This act of the Divine Master demands from HIS followers to practice the virtue of humility.

Some Catholic Christian ancestors in Kerala used to make 'unleavened loaves' and wine called as pulippillatha pesaha appam and palu (also called as Kurisappam or Indri Appam) and the eldest in the family used to serve it on the night of this day. They used to invite their relatives and neighbours. And during the night they used to spend the whole night before the Holy Eucharist or at their homes by reading the Holy Bible and Pana (a traditional spiritual Malayalam book about the Passion and Crucifixion of the Lord)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Enter the Holy Week, the very precious time in the Christian Calander devoutly

The Holy Week is the most important and Holy time in the Christian Liturgical Calendar. It is the last week of the Lent. It starts with Palm Sunday and ends on the Holy Saturday. Palm Sunday is also known as 'Passion Sunday'. This week offers a final opportunity for the ‘lost lamb’ to return to the ‘flock’ of the Good Shepherd for gaining eternal life, which is a ‘free gift’ from the Divine Savior. Those faithful failed to make a good confession in the past (for weeks, months or years) can utilize this golden chance to make it and wash their sins (however great they are…!) free of cost, in the Mercy of the Redeemer of the humanity.

In the Holy Week, the Holy Wednesday, Maundy Thursday and the GOOD FRIDAY are the most Holy Days that are to be observed with extreme Penance, Prayer, Abstinence, Forgiveness and Charity. These days are holidays in most countries and it is advisable to spend these days in devotion. It is very essential for every Christian to observe these days with silence as days of mourning and thus indirectly profess our Faith and Love for our Savior Lord Jesus Christ.

Let us all strive to make use of this Holy Days to return to our Ever Loving Beloved Divine Father, who is anxiously waiting for the prodigal son's home return.

Who knows whether we will get one more chance, if we miss this...!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

How to Pray the Lord's Prayer: "Our Father in Heaven"

As the Lord's Prayer ("Our Father in Heaven, Holy be your Name.....") is the most important of all prayers, it is better if certain body language gestures are observed while making this Prayer.

When ever a devotee is making this Prayer, he/she should be aware that the Lord Jesus is also making this prayer with him/her. So understand the importance of this Prayer, as this is the only Prayer taught by the Divine Master and so Pray with complete confidence and full faith in the Almighty Divine Father as a child asks some thing to its father.

Hence whenever this Prayer is said, remember that we are humbly praying to the Almighty Divine Father who is the Creator and Master of alll...!

It is highly desirable to stand or kneel and stretch and keep both hands open while saying the Lord's Prayer, during Holy Mass, public prayers or during individual personal prayers.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Prayer Requests: We will Pray for anyone/anything. Submit your Prayer needs and see Miracles...!

We are not righteous. We are not eligible to be called as worthy or good. But we have strong FAITH in the Divine Master and we do believe and know that anything asked to the Almighty Father in HIS HOLY NAME, with Faith will be answered...! If you want us to pray for your needs... health, wealth, peace, future of children, work, freedom from satanic attacks ... anything..., we are willing to do it for you. It is free.

Please Post your Prayer Needs here in this Page...!

Note: Once you receive the favors, Please do not forget to post your witness here.

God Bless...!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Major Arch Bishop Cardinal Mar Varkey Vithayathil is called for Eternal Reward

Syro-Malabar Catholic Church's head and Major Arch Bishop of Ernakulam - Angamaly Diocese, Mar Varkey Vithayathil is called by the Divine Master for Eternal Reward today. He was 84 years. He suffered a heart attack while offering a Holy mass at the Cardinal's Chapel this afternoon. The funeral is to be done after ten days, an announcement was made by the spokesperson Rev Fr Paul Thelekat. His body will be preserved in the Little Flower Hospital mortuary at Angamaly till the funeral is carried out. He was in the Most High God's sevice as a Priest for nearly 57 years...! Though such news of departure is always difficult for us to accept, we must submit fully to the Holy Will of the Divine Master.

Friday, March 18, 2011

When you Pray the 'Way of the Cross' do it with meditation and penence

How to Pray the 'Way of the Cross'...and when to say the 'Way of the Cross'...?

Catholics and some Christian denominations offer the 'Way of the Cross' very often especially during the Holy Season of Lent. It is strongly advisable to meditate and pray this prayer of the Lord's Passion on all the days of the lent if possible. If not possible, it is essential to offer this prayer at least once in a week during the days of lint-preferably on Fridays. As far as possible it is appreciable to make this prayer in the Church, as a community.

When we make this special Prayer to meditate the inexplicable sufferings of our Lord, it is appreciable and more effective when done with little penance. For instance in most Churches the fourteen (now-a-days 15) Stations of the Cross is set up. When we are making that particular Prayer, we need to walk through the stations as far as possible. During the Prayer after announcing each Station when all say; "We adore You O' Christ....", we should physically adore our Savior at least kneeling on both legs and bowing the head. If possible prostating is highly valued...!

When this Prayer is held inside a Church, after the seventh Station when we go to the eighth place which is on the other side of the Church, never forget to show proper reverence to the Eucharistic Lord by bowing/kneeling/prostrating....!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Lenten Season 2011; Get Ready for Self examination and Purification

The Season of Lent for 2011 is approaching. For Syrian Christians of the East it starts on the 7th of March (Monday) and for most other global Christian communities this year,s Lent starts on March 9th that is on the Ash Wednesday.

The season of Lent gives us an opportunity to make self examination of the condition of our spiritual life and soul. On Ash Wednesday, ash is applied on the foreheads of the devotees by the Priest saying, "Man, you are dust and unto dust you shall return".

When we are busy with material satisfaction and worldly affairs, most of us do not dare to think when we shall return to the soil. We all know that human life on this earth has no guarantee at all..! But we seldom care to bother on what path is our life traveling. (I am not at all sure that I will be alive tomorrow to post another topic on this blog or you shall be alive to read it.) I am not writing this to scare anyone, but to remind the followers of Lord Jesus Christ, that every Christian should be ready to go to his/her heavenly abode which is permanent and for which we are called. It is high time for today's Christian to ask oneself 'whether we are fit to be called Christians'...?

So let us not just tolerate this Lenten season but celebrate it with joy nor endure it with a sigh but enjoy it as it is a golden opportunity granted by the Lord to check our relationship with HIM and increase in our Spiritual lives...!

Monday, January 31, 2011

The Identity of a Christian: How a Follower of Lord Jesus Christ should live.

The population statistics show that the total number of Christians in the world is more than two billion. But it is for the individual to examine really how many are trying to live this short life on this planet, adhering to the teachings of the Divine Master. If at least 10 percent of the Christians lead a Christian life, seeing their exemplary lifestyle others (non-Christians & atheists) will be attracted towards Christianity and the Lord will be Glorified greatly.

We know 2000 years ago the earlier Christian Population was only less than 100. That least number lived like CHRISTIANS and people from all walk of life started joining them to live a simple life facing hardships in Love and Unity!

It is unfortunate to see that many Christians bearing the holy names of Saints, Prophets and Angels are leading a mere materialistic and fully worldly life, doing all sorts of shameful activities for amassing huge wealth and thus bring disgrace to the ONE Who redeemed them shedding even the last drop of HIS Precious Blood.

The greatest tragedy of this era is that even many Priests, Religious and Pastors who proclaim the Gospel and Preach about the divine salvation are under the clutches of greed for money which is the most powerful weapon of satan to distroy the Chosen Ones.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

While Entering a Church what one must remember. How to enter a Catholic Church..?

WHILE ENTERING THE CHURCH or CHAPEL, never forget that you are entering the BUSY COURT of the ALMIGHTY LORD...! Even though none can see with the naked eyes, There are numerous ANGELS and SAINTS who adore and worship the LORD unceasingly and gladly in every CHURCH or PLACE where HE is Sits in the Throne of Glory. {Can one meet a lone VIP without attendants and assistants...?}. When we enter the office of a dignified civil or political leader, how much respect we try to show him/her for granting us an interview? Can you meet the head of your country without an appointment... however great you (you think !) are...? Think...!

As the compassionate Lord is always willing to meet / bless HIS devotees without any time restrictions or reservations... do not take it for cheap or simple. There is no one in the universe greater than HIM.

Suppose an ordinary man is invited by a governor for a dinner how much gratitude and excitement this man will have! Or if the President of your country gives an appointment to you to meet him/her at his camp office, and allow you to spend some time with him, how much privileged you will be! Just imagine...! If a very important person says you are his close friend, how much happiness you will have !

Any one can any time visit the Almighty - without any prior permission or appointment !! How Merciful and Kind HE is...! So, when you enter a CHURCH especially where the MOST BLESSED SACRAMENT in the Tabernacle is venerated, Prostate in front of IT with utmost humility or Adore IT fully bending the full body or kneel before IT with the Belief that you are adoring and worshiping 'the KING of KINGS'. Then you slowly and respectfully go and occupy an appropriate place.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Epiphany of the Lord Jesus 2nd January 2011. Happy New Year 2011...!

I wish you dear reader of my blog, from the bottom of my heart that you and your near and dear ones have a "HAPPY, HEALTHY, PEACEFUL AND BLESSED NEW YEAR 2011"

Thanks to the Lord, that you and me are alive to read and write in 2011 too...!

God Bless All...,

Today the Christian world is celebrating the Epiphany of the Lord Jesus. Epiphany means 'manifestation'. Lord Jesus revealed HIS manifestation to the three wise men of the East (three kings) who desired to see HIM
. They traveled miles with lots of hardships to see the lord and worship HIM. This solemn feast is celebrated on the second Sunday after Christmas world over. HE is visible to those who seek HIM...!