Friday, April 29, 2011

World is ending on May 21, 2011 or December 21, 2012..?

When will the world end...? When is the earth coming to an end...? When is the dooms day...! These are the questions asked by many people afraid of dying or not interested to leave the comfort / happiness / pleasures of this life and all the wealth and properties that they have amassed in this world....!

There are many predictions regarding the end of the world in 2011 or 2012. Some strongly make predictions that it is on the 21st of May 2011 the world will end. But many others are of the opinion that it is on the 21st of December, 2012  the dooms day is falling. Many Scientists are also supporting these prediction as they have a number of reasons to put forward. Hence most people in general are under the grip of some fear about the end of man's life on this earth and/or the earth's coming to an end...!

Should we believe these predictions about the end of the world and fear about these?
The whole world will come to an end one day. It is very very true as it is categorically said by the Universal Master, Jesus Christ...! But HE has made it very clear in the Holy Bible that no man or angel knows the day and hour of the end of the ages and the second coming of the Saviour Jesus to take HIS faithful to the Ever lasting Kingdom.

We need to make a self examination, whether we are eligible to face our Master...? He may come today....! He may come now- this moment...! You and I may never again get another chance to prepare...! This is the acceptable time.... This is the time for Salvation...!

On the other hand, there are some who oppose the end of the world. They are just stubborn like those people who lived and marooned during the time of Noah. When warnings are issued, it is our duty to heed them. There are many indications given in the Holy Bible about the end days. We are, no doubt passing through them. When we see all these things happen, we need to realize that HIS Coming is at hand and try to prepare ourselves to face the Lord with confidence.

Dear Friend, do not panic...but do not neglect...Please...! Let's mend our ways... let's leave all the wrong ways, deceit, lies, murder, thirst for flesh, power and money. For we may not get many warnings...!

The Compassionate and Loving Saviour who have paid preciously for our souls wants and wishes us to join HIM in HIS eternal Kingdom...!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sunday Sermons ‘of the Priests, by the Priests, for the Priests’…!

The Mother Church has issued instructions to the Parish Priests around the world to give a brief explanation of the Gospel and other Bible readings to the parishners depending upon the need and situation of their Parishes at least on Sundays. It is good to see many Priests fulfill this instruction and use their God-given talent of delivering some Biblical Message. I have seen some successful Priests making prior preparation on the Topic, in the light of the Most Holy Spirit. It is quite unfortunate to see some Christian Priests misuse this privilege by performing some ‘oral exercise’ irrelevant to the topic of the day or the community and thus test the patience of the gathered congregation. Those adamant priests, even if it is brought to their notice, never try to make a self examination of the issue or make necessary correction to this practice. In contrary, they further punish the congregation by prolonging their ‘sermon’ even though many devotees leave the Church…!
Priests do know the Words of the Lord, “You cannot do anything without me”. When anyone’s intention is for personal name, fame or appreciation, the Lord’s intervention is not sought and hence it is absent there. Then how can such messages move the hearts and lives of the people…?
Dear Rev Father, forgive me please…if you do not have the gift of powerful speaking … It is not a great problem. Accept the fact the you are lacking it instead of comparing with another Priest…! Even few words spoken with the support of the most Holy Spirit is much better than a lengthy 'Spiritless sermon'. So please submit completely before the Good Lord and ask HIM humbly – who will grant it in plenty to you and the lives of the flock entrusted to your care WILL change by HIS Grace…!!! It is not important "how long you spoke, but how you spoke"!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Do not lie to the Lord in Prayer / Holy Mass...!

When we are in Prayer or Participating in a Holy Mass, never make any prayers with just the lips, without your full attention. For example during the Holy Mass, the Priest says, "Lift up your hearts" and the congregation says in one voice, "we lift them up to the LORD" and then the Priest says, "Let us give thanks to the Lord our God" and the response of the participants is, "It is right to give HIM thanks and Praise."

Many devotees without realizing the meaning of these sayings simply say these responses with the crowd. Is it not a lie...? So, when we say, we have lifted up our hearts to heaven, understand what we are saying and try to truly 'lift up the hearts to GOD'. All responses must come from the heart - and not from the mouth, because the Lord may not like lip services....!

Likewise, when we sing hymns and songs in the Church or at homes, meditate and sing understanding the proper lyrics. Spiritual Devotional songs are not just for the melody or tune, they are also prayers from the depth of the hearts....!

So when we recite or read a Prayer, Let the words and phrases come from our

"Our Father who are in Heaven, Hallowed be thy Name....."or "Hail Mary, Full of Grace..." or "Glory be to the Father...."

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter is Over, But its Promise remains ... for ever...!

Dear visitor, EASTER GREETINGS to you and your near and dear ones.

One more Easter is just over. But we must be aware that the Promises from our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ remains for ever and ever...! The defeat of the death and satan is for ever. The victory of the 'Holy Blood' of the Lord over evil is also for ever. Hence we need to be courages and hopeful. Our Lord has borne all our afflictions on HIS Body... to minimise our pains...!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Please Observe the Most Holy Days as holy and blessed differently.

Starting today (Maundy / Holy Thursday), till Easter Sunday these three days are very Holy. All the Faithful of the Lord Jesus Christ are humbly requested to observe these days with difference inwardly and outwardly.

Please avoid loud talks, jokes, arguments, anger etc and spend these days in silence and meditation maximum possibly. Please avoid any gatherings, celebrations, parties, etc even if held by non- christians and make them realize how much reverence we give for these days by your exemplary activities ...!

All those who missed to make a confession or to pray the 'way of the Cross' can make use of these days. If on these days, you are forced to work, proclaim your love for your Lord who saved you with HIS passion by observing quiet and exposing a mourning face.

Even if you do not want to love Lord Jesus, please do not hate HIM... and increase HIS passions.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Good Friday/ The Holiest Day of Human Redemption/ The Greatest Sacrifice in the universe.

Good Friday is observed as a Day of Sorrow in every nook and corner of the world. It is a holiday for the whole earth. The entire world, without any Religious or racial difference is sad on that Day as the Savior of the humanity sacrificed HIS precious and invaluable Life on the Cross to redeem the entire people and to make them inherit the ‘Kingdom of GOD’. The Good Friday is observed as a Holy Day of fasting and complete abstinance.

Some non-Christian people raise a doubt, why the day on which the Savior died is called as Good Friday by the Christians...? It is the Best day of all days, as on this day only the 'Salvation' and 'Life Eternal'that was Promised by the Almighty God through HIS Profets and Faithful was 'Gifted' to the human race...! What a Great Love ... the Heavenly Father's Love...!

On this day many Christian denominations like Catholics, adore the 'Holy Cross' on which the Saviour of the world hung. Some Christian denominations interupt this as idol worship. The cross, used by the lord to redeem the mankind is not considered and believed as as an idol but as the Blessed 'Alter' chosen by the Lord to make this 'Supreme Sacrifice'

You believe it or not, I have been witnessing since my childhood, even the nature shows its pain over the death of its Creator and showers in the afternoons of Good Fridays … even though this day falls in summer in India…! It is a great miracle unnoticed by any researchers… happening since long…!

Maundy (Holy)Thursday/ The Last Supper Day/ The gruesome Day on which the Master was betrayed by His Disciple

On Maundy Thursday (Holy Thursday), All Churches across the globe commemorate the Last Supper of the Lord. It was on that Day the Lord established the ‘Sacrament of the Holy Mass’ and the 'Holy Eucharist'. The Lord’s humility is depicted in all Churches during the Holy Service. The Priest washes the feet of twelve faithful as the Lord washed the feet of His twelve disciples on the last supper day before He was betrayed and caught in Gethsemane. This act of the Divine Master demands from HIS followers to practice the virtue of humility.

Some Catholic Christian ancestors in Kerala used to make 'unleavened loaves' and wine called as pulippillatha pesaha appam and palu (also called as Kurisappam or Indri Appam) and the eldest in the family used to serve it on the night of this day. They used to invite their relatives and neighbours. And during the night they used to spend the whole night before the Holy Eucharist or at their homes by reading the Holy Bible and Pana (a traditional spiritual Malayalam book about the Passion and Crucifixion of the Lord)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Enter the Holy Week, the very precious time in the Christian Calander devoutly

The Holy Week is the most important and Holy time in the Christian Liturgical Calendar. It is the last week of the Lent. It starts with Palm Sunday and ends on the Holy Saturday. Palm Sunday is also known as 'Passion Sunday'. This week offers a final opportunity for the ‘lost lamb’ to return to the ‘flock’ of the Good Shepherd for gaining eternal life, which is a ‘free gift’ from the Divine Savior. Those faithful failed to make a good confession in the past (for weeks, months or years) can utilize this golden chance to make it and wash their sins (however great they are…!) free of cost, in the Mercy of the Redeemer of the humanity.

In the Holy Week, the Holy Wednesday, Maundy Thursday and the GOOD FRIDAY are the most Holy Days that are to be observed with extreme Penance, Prayer, Abstinence, Forgiveness and Charity. These days are holidays in most countries and it is advisable to spend these days in devotion. It is very essential for every Christian to observe these days with silence as days of mourning and thus indirectly profess our Faith and Love for our Savior Lord Jesus Christ.

Let us all strive to make use of this Holy Days to return to our Ever Loving Beloved Divine Father, who is anxiously waiting for the prodigal son's home return.

Who knows whether we will get one more chance, if we miss this...!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

How to Pray the Lord's Prayer: "Our Father in Heaven"

As the Lord's Prayer ("Our Father in Heaven, Holy be your Name.....") is the most important of all prayers, it is better if certain body language gestures are observed while making this Prayer.

When ever a devotee is making this Prayer, he/she should be aware that the Lord Jesus is also making this prayer with him/her. So understand the importance of this Prayer, as this is the only Prayer taught by the Divine Master and so Pray with complete confidence and full faith in the Almighty Divine Father as a child asks some thing to its father.

Hence whenever this Prayer is said, remember that we are humbly praying to the Almighty Divine Father who is the Creator and Master of alll...!

It is highly desirable to stand or kneel and stretch and keep both hands open while saying the Lord's Prayer, during Holy Mass, public prayers or during individual personal prayers.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Prayer Requests: We will Pray for anyone/anything. Submit your Prayer needs and see Miracles...!

We are not righteous. We are not eligible to be called as worthy or good. But we have strong FAITH in the Divine Master and we do believe and know that anything asked to the Almighty Father in HIS HOLY NAME, with Faith will be answered...! If you want us to pray for your needs... health, wealth, peace, future of children, work, freedom from satanic attacks ... anything..., we are willing to do it for you. It is free.

Please Post your Prayer Needs here in this Page...!

Note: Once you receive the favors, Please do not forget to post your witness here.

God Bless...!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Major Arch Bishop Cardinal Mar Varkey Vithayathil is called for Eternal Reward

Syro-Malabar Catholic Church's head and Major Arch Bishop of Ernakulam - Angamaly Diocese, Mar Varkey Vithayathil is called by the Divine Master for Eternal Reward today. He was 84 years. He suffered a heart attack while offering a Holy mass at the Cardinal's Chapel this afternoon. The funeral is to be done after ten days, an announcement was made by the spokesperson Rev Fr Paul Thelekat. His body will be preserved in the Little Flower Hospital mortuary at Angamaly till the funeral is carried out. He was in the Most High God's sevice as a Priest for nearly 57 years...! Though such news of departure is always difficult for us to accept, we must submit fully to the Holy Will of the Divine Master.