Saturday, April 16, 2011

Enter the Holy Week, the very precious time in the Christian Calander devoutly

The Holy Week is the most important and Holy time in the Christian Liturgical Calendar. It is the last week of the Lent. It starts with Palm Sunday and ends on the Holy Saturday. Palm Sunday is also known as 'Passion Sunday'. This week offers a final opportunity for the ‘lost lamb’ to return to the ‘flock’ of the Good Shepherd for gaining eternal life, which is a ‘free gift’ from the Divine Savior. Those faithful failed to make a good confession in the past (for weeks, months or years) can utilize this golden chance to make it and wash their sins (however great they are…!) free of cost, in the Mercy of the Redeemer of the humanity.

In the Holy Week, the Holy Wednesday, Maundy Thursday and the GOOD FRIDAY are the most Holy Days that are to be observed with extreme Penance, Prayer, Abstinence, Forgiveness and Charity. These days are holidays in most countries and it is advisable to spend these days in devotion. It is very essential for every Christian to observe these days with silence as days of mourning and thus indirectly profess our Faith and Love for our Savior Lord Jesus Christ.

Let us all strive to make use of this Holy Days to return to our Ever Loving Beloved Divine Father, who is anxiously waiting for the prodigal son's home return.

Who knows whether we will get one more chance, if we miss this...!

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