Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sunday Sermons ‘of the Priests, by the Priests, for the Priests’…!

The Mother Church has issued instructions to the Parish Priests around the world to give a brief explanation of the Gospel and other Bible readings to the parishners depending upon the need and situation of their Parishes at least on Sundays. It is good to see many Priests fulfill this instruction and use their God-given talent of delivering some Biblical Message. I have seen some successful Priests making prior preparation on the Topic, in the light of the Most Holy Spirit. It is quite unfortunate to see some Christian Priests misuse this privilege by performing some ‘oral exercise’ irrelevant to the topic of the day or the community and thus test the patience of the gathered congregation. Those adamant priests, even if it is brought to their notice, never try to make a self examination of the issue or make necessary correction to this practice. In contrary, they further punish the congregation by prolonging their ‘sermon’ even though many devotees leave the Church…!
Priests do know the Words of the Lord, “You cannot do anything without me”. When anyone’s intention is for personal name, fame or appreciation, the Lord’s intervention is not sought and hence it is absent there. Then how can such messages move the hearts and lives of the people…?
Dear Rev Father, forgive me please…if you do not have the gift of powerful speaking … It is not a great problem. Accept the fact the you are lacking it instead of comparing with another Priest…! Even few words spoken with the support of the most Holy Spirit is much better than a lengthy 'Spiritless sermon'. So please submit completely before the Good Lord and ask HIM humbly – who will grant it in plenty to you and the lives of the flock entrusted to your care WILL change by HIS Grace…!!! It is not important "how long you spoke, but how you spoke"!

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