Saturday, July 30, 2011

Catholic Nun's wedding with Hindu youth in Kerala

How unfortunate it is to read or hear the news of the Christian catholic Nun of Kerala in India, who renounced everything for the sake of the Lord voluntarily, and living a life of Divine calling for all these days... and just throwing away all these just for the sake of finding a solution of her lustful mind and body.

The decision of Dr Rybi and Sanoj to live together cannot be blamed. But the nun all these years was just leading a life contrary to her calling inside her spiritual habits deceiving the Lord and the society. Here the fault is mainly with the authorities who give freedom to their immature inmates to use latest technology like computer and internet in an improper way.

Let such incidents be an eye opener for the Church authorities...! Let's pray for such souls 'who forsake the Lord who Called' for satisfying their desires of flesh...!

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