Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Independence Day, Dear Americans...!

United State of America is celebrating its 'Independence Day' on 5th July 2011...! We wish whole heartedly all the people of America a "Happy Independence Day"! May God Bless America and all its people abundantly for their steadfast Faith in HIM.

May I request the Americans humbly, not to forget the Lord who has called them and granted them prosperity and joy. I also wish that, America being the strongest and most developed country, should not promote or enact any laws that are contrary to the "Law of the Lord"...!

It is sad to see more American states joining the making of some unnatural laws like legalizing 'the gay marriage'. Recently I read, New York, the largest state also passed the rule!

We have seen many times and learned from experiences, that any individual or organization or state or country, how ever great they are, when they forsake the Teachings of the Lord, and start doing injustices, they will pay for it...! Let America flourish and be safe ....!

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