Thursday, July 21, 2011

The huge treasures found at Thiruvananthapuram Sri Padmanabha Temple

The recent discovery of the huge treasures in five vaults under the Sri Padmanabha Temple in Tranvancore has become the talk of the world, being it the largest discovery of such hidden treasures in the entire world yet. One can know the importance of this as most of the local, National and International electronic and print media giving wide coverage to it since its unearthing. Now everyone's eyes are turned towards the sixth room which is yet to be opened as the Supreme Court of India has given a stay regarding its opening.

When a Christian sees all these, he must immediately recollect the Sayings of the Lord in the Gospel according to St. Matthew, chapter 13, verse 44. 'The Kingdom of Heaven is like a treasure that a man finds in a land/field and immediately he hides it and hurries home, sells all that he has and buys the land'...!

Acquiring a place in the Kingdom of God is much higher than posessing all the treasures, the world can offer...! A believer should not lose this great berth in God's Kingdom for mere worldly treasures that cannot grant anyone the entry into God's Kingdom.

We have heard many great kings like Goutama Buddha, who lived in this earth forsaking the riches and pleasures of this world, as they realized that they are all vanity. If a man gains the whole world and loses his soul, what is the use (Matt. 16:26)...?
Dear brethren, be watchful...!

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