Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Idea Star singer Season 5 - The winner is Emmanuel... Antony John...Mridula Warrier... Klapana?

Idea star singer season 5 is a popular Malayalam reality show running on Asianet T.V now to choose the best singer of 2011. And as it is nearing to an end with ten of best contestants celected after many eliminations, the viewers are anxiously guessing who the final winner would be of season 5..!

Is it Antony John, a good actor as well, hailing from a poor family with lot of burdens, shared many stages with famous South Indian play back singer Chitra for 'ganamelas' (musical troupes), or Mridula Warrier with a charming personality and melodious voice, or Kalpana the multifaceted all rounder- singer, dancer and musician with special talents from Chennai or Immanuel Henry lovingly called as Manu by all...?

If body language too is given some consideration, most viewers opine that Emmanuel Henry would bag the 'winners title' and other gifts if the other three including Mridula Warrier remain behind.

Emmanuel (Immanuel) owns humility, piety, patience, and respect for his teachers and elders. Both Kalpana and Emmanuel are noted for their friendly behavior with the other participants. He has also improved his performance and personality considerably (though most of the participants have improved a lot)!

When we discuss about 'Idea star singer' it is worthy to be noted the anchor and conductor of this mega episodes, Ranjini Haridas, who cannot be substituted of her pro-participant attitude and impartial friendly love and support to all. Also it is worthy to be commented the positive and friendly attitude of the Lady judge, Mrs Anuradha, who is a famous play back singer. Though sometimes Mr. Sarath and Mr M.G Srikumar behave little rudely with the participants, and appear to behave like comedians, the show will not be as successful as it is without any of them. All these people are no doubt loved by majority of viewers of this show around the globe.

Lets wish the participants all the very best and wait and see who the winner would be (if it is not already decided by...)!

What is your opinion...?

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