Friday, July 1, 2011

Munch star singer - Junior on Asianet TV channel

Though my blog is about 'Spiritual Body Language', I think it would not be inappropriate if I add my views about physical body language too...! I watch now and then some programs on Asianet T.V, which is a Malayalam entertainment channel. There are of course some popular reality shows too, telecast by Asianet.

'Idea star singer' and Vodafone comedy stars are no doubt superb programs that has millions of viewership. The judges of these programs are also not ordinary people. The anchor Ranjani is really a smart and gifted person and there is none who can successfully replace her.

But I wish to congratulate specially the judges of 'Munch star singer junior'. Their body language, humility, love, and the soft and smiling way of conversing and correcting the participants is really appreciable. Mr. Gopinadh Muthukad- the legendary magician, Mr Venugopal and Mrs Sujatha -famous play back singers- all are really great and most suitable to fit such chairs of judgement. I am not eligible to make any comments on their area of excellence.

I wish the judges of other reality shows too try to learn from these people a lot, so that they may be loved and honored by the participants and viewers and their image will also increase more ...!

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