Saturday, July 23, 2011

Personality Development - What is personality? What is individuality..?

We see and hear a lot about 'personality development training or courses' now-a-days! Many people misinterpret personality with individuality. To improve or develop a person's individual abilities or talents, certain trainings or confidence-building tactics are taught. This is widely commercialized these days.

Even personality has two sides. The external 'appearance of a person' and the 'internal character' side which makes his true sense! A person is the result of many aspects. His behavior or dealings with others is the result of his 'brought up' by parents, teachers, friends, the society etc.

The external appearance is valued much while assessing a candidate for certain jobs and appointments. What is to be weighed more is his 'true colors' that is temporarily hiding in him.

To some extend the individuality can be developed, by trying to remove any 'inferiority complex' or 'unknown fear' that is a hindrance to the growth of a person. In any case I feel "fear of the Lord" is the most important thing to develop in one's life.

It is very unfortunate if the 'Church' gives any importance to 'outward appearance' or the 'complexion' of the devotees. Because The Lord sees not the appearance but the heart of people.

So beware, "appearances are deceptive"...!

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