Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Rimi Tomy (now Rimi Royce) and her body language

Rimi Tomy, wife of Royce Kizhakoodan, is a popular Malyayalam and Telugu play back singer from Pala of Kottayam District. With her child-like behavior and innocent laugh while in front of the camera and/or on stages make people of different ages (from children to the aged, male and female) love her.

Another thing which makes people fond of her is her openness and frankness. We can notice no pride or discrimination on her face.

Her love for the Lord and the Church is commendable. May God continue to grant her a loving heart with a smiling face like this for long...!

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  1. Rimi chechi is Awesome!!!! I luv her so much, recently she came for the Dileeep n Australia Show and i got to see her. I was so happy. May god continue to bless her. For the people that dont like her i really cant say anything because she is a bit similar to me, like talks a lot, is funny, takes everything in a funny way i like her and i always will.


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