Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Anna Hazare gets support from all corners of the world

The imprisonment of Anna Hazare in the Tihar Jail, for one week's judicial custody, is spreading strong contempt and serious criticism from the people of all walk of life. They include students, teachers, artists, farmers, journalists, lawyers, and religious, political and spiritual leaders. Sri Sri Ravishankar, the founder of 'Art of Living' too has come forward with open support to Hazare.

Majority of the people of India have, and are extending their support to the social activist who is their last resort to lead the 'war on corruption', which is the most horrible enemy of 'India'.

Even Non-resident Indians (NRIs), who are concerned about the recent corrupt situations of their mother-land are joining in support to this movement from many parts of the world by fasting and conducting peaceful demonstrations.

The irony of the incident is that Anna Hazare, who is fighting against corruption is jailed in Tihar Jail, along with the political criminals like A. Raja, Kanimozhi, Suresh Kalmadi, who were involved and caught in huge scams and corruption and swallowed hundreds of crores of people's money ...!

Many people wonder why the government is afraid to take a stern step in implementing the 'Lokpal Bill', while it is a golden opportunity for them ....!

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