Friday, August 26, 2011

Idea Star Singer Season - 5, stage 14 - Immanuel and Kalpana make it again...!

Though Akhil krishnan's performance with co-contestant Kalpana, was interesting, his actions with the anchor, Rangini Haridass was 'little over'...! Such actions must be done with other dancers or contestants, who are of same age and stage. When such mean actions are done with the anchor (whom they call as Ranjini Chechi) ro with the judges are not agreeable.

The performance of the alrounder Kalpana Raghavedra was marvellous and the that of Manu with the famous Carnatic musicians was ashtonishing.

Any person who is in a judge's seat should give much values to justice - he or she must never be influenced by favouritism of any kind...!

What is your opinion...?

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  1. Immanual was the right person for that honour.Kalpana also did a wonderful job stil Immanual deserves the title


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