Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hi, Hello, Hallow all are derived from Halleluia, Hallelujah ...!

What does the word hi, hello or hallow mean is not known to many. The word used largely and extensively in the entire world as a salutation nowadays may be 'Hello' which is derived from 'hallow' which means sacred or holy. Hi is a shorter form of hello. Saintly people and monks in the past used to Praise and worship the Almighty God throughout the day and night, in every work and action. They used to utter 'Hallowed be your Name, Father' or 'God be Hallowed' while wishing others.

This word slowly developed as a word for salutation in the past centuries. Instead of saying 'Hallowed be the Lord', they slowly started saying, hallow ignoring the meaning in the phrase.

According to some other researches, the word 'Hallelujah' (Halleluia /Halleluia /Alleluia) is pronounced to say ' Praise to the Creator' or Praise to the Lord God.

The Primitive Christians right from the beginning even during the time of severe persecutions, encouraged and strengthened one another saying, 'hallelujah'. This word while served as a salutation for the co-faithful, its main aim was to praise the Lord God always...!

This sacred way of wishing one another slowly became a word used by not only Christians but also the entire world...! So one thing is imminent, knowingly or unknowingly "every tongue praises HIS Glory" in this universe....!

Here after let's say "Halleluia" while answering the phone or saluting another ... and if not, say "Hello" thinking and believing that we are saying 'Praise to the Lord, our God'


  1. It is a good finding. The Christians can here after wish or salute one another with a warm Hello... Glorifying God Almighty with a Halleluia

  2. Congratulations!
    I invite you to put this blog the image of the Lady of All Peoples with the prayer taught by her for a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit worldwide. Welcome to:

  3. Happy Christmas 2011 to one and all.
    The Prince of Peace, The King of Kings, The Master of the Universe has taken the form of a humble human being to Save and Restore the humanity in its glorious status. Happy X-Mas, 2011 to all the human beings of the world...!

  4. Happy New Year Greetings to one and all...!

    May everyone's Love life be honest and sincere, not out of mere lust...!

  5. when ever we use the words hi or hello, we can believe and say in our mind that we are praising the Lord saying 'Halleluiah'

  6. Glory to God in the Highest and Peace to those with good will....!

    Today is the Feast of 'Epiphany', the day when the three wise men of the East sought, Found and Worshiped Lord Child Jesus, Who took birth as a Human Being...!

    Come, Let's all Adore HIM and Prostrate before HIM...!

  7. Happy to know that the mostly used words in the whole world to address people, 'Hi' and 'Hello' are the short forms of Hallelujah ....!

    Praise be to the Lord our God for ever and ever...!



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