Friday, February 17, 2012

President Barack Obama's New HHS Insurance opposed by Americans

The newest policy of the American President Obama's HHS (Health and Human Services) implementing health insurance plans to be provided by the employer in which coverage of 'contraceptive services' for female employees including those serving at the Christian Religiously affiliated institutions is mentioned, has attracted wide criticism among the Catholic / Christian Population that is morally against the use of artificial birth control.

About half of the Americans voters expressed their disinterest and opposition on this new policy. According to surveys conducted by CNN, Rasmussen, Pew, CBS New York Times all Polls more or less showed that about forty to fifty percent of the voters strongly opposed this new policy and the image of Obama has sharply fallen down.

Leaders and rulers should always remember to introduce rules and regulations for the welfare of the people, without forgetting the Laws of the Almighty God and HIS Word.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Morphed Last Supper Poster - Knowingly trying to create communal unrest...?

The controversial and heinous poster created by Communist Party of India (Marxist), morphing the images of Lord Jesus Christ and HIS Disciples in the Last Supper Paintings, with that of some politicians was evident of its intentions- just to create communal unrest and disrupt the social harmony and thus to earn some dirty political mileage.

This act of the communists, who neither believe in God nor allow its cadres and people to believe in God should not have committed such a grave mistake. People from all walks of life keeping away their religious differences have strongly condemned this act and are planning to keep away from this dangerous party.

Being a political party that knows and understands the sentiments and feelings of the people, they have committed an act of willful blatant blasphemy for which they need to make an immediate apology.

It is good to recollect what Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha did during her previous terms election campaign. She morphed the face of Blessed Mother Vailankanni, who is revered and honored by many people across religious lines, and kept her face in some posters and banners that taught her a bitter lesson then.

Any political party or organization or groups or individuals that try to spoil the peaceful life, friendship and harmony of the people should be considered as the enemy of the country and its citizens, and should be completely isolated.