Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Colombian aids infected Cathilic Priests hire hit men to kill themselves...!

In another shocking incident reported by the Associated Press in Colombia, two Catholic Priests, Rev. Richard Piffano (37) and Rev. Reatiga (36) who were reportedly affected by AIDS, hired and paid hit-men in advance to kill them, as they could not commit suicide.

This shame bringing incident happened few hours after they performed the most Holy Mass and asked their parishioners to pray for them...! 

The police first suspected that the two priests were victims of robbery, and were shot by robbers. But three weeks after their bodies were found, medical tests revealed that 36-old Rev Reatiga had AIDS and he was suffering form syphilis, infected from 'gay men' with whom he was found most of the time, engaged in homosexuality. unable to commit suicide by throwing themselves in to a canyon they hired the killers and paid them $8,500 for the hit.

Priests (specially in the Catholic order) come voluntarily and out of their free own will to serve the Lord and His Gospel. They are given vigorous training and sufficient time (generally more than ten years) to test self and determine whether they can lead a single, unmarried and Holy life for the sake of the Master at Whose call they came. If at any time they feel unfit during their studies and preparation, they are free and welcome to quit this 'Noble Call'. Remaining there and involving in such type of heinous activities are no doubt, they are bringing disgrace to the Lord and to HIS Church.
Are they too anti-Christs...?

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  1. Such people only bring shame and disgrace for the entire Universal Church and the Lord.

    There are many more people like this yet to come to light.


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