Monday, March 26, 2012

The Pope's comments on Communism ( Marxism) disturbs Kerala Marxist communist party.

The Holy Father's recent comments on Communism and Marxism losing its ideologies and prominence in the modern world, and urging the people to find out new methods, has created a lot distress and concern among the Communist party cadres in Kerala State of India.

The Pontiff who was commenting on the present scenario of the communist ruled Cuba for more than fifty years, still struggling below development and suffering in poverty, has created more furor in Kerala than in Cuba, where the party is seen obstructing any development or growth.

Deeply concerned and afraid over the Pope's remarks, the communist leadership in Kerala has started campaigns against the statements of the Holy Father and has termed the remarks as the Pontiff's personal. The communist party's Kerala cadre consists of a good number of Christians, who got attracted to the communist ideologies that apparently appeared some what similar to some of the Christian principles.

Many people who are in the communist fold are of the opinion that the Pope's statements are very correct to the present scenario. 

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