Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Breaking Tsunami News - Tsunami warning lifted in most of Indian Ocean. God Heard our Prayer...!

While the latest updates for Tsunami warnings following the two massive earth quakes that hit Indonesia this afternoon are coming in, There is some reason for the people to shun panic as the warnings issued to some parts of the Indian Ocean are lifted as there are no major threat anticipated.

Even in Indonesia, no serious damages are reported yet. And the people are seen leaving a sigh of relief ...!

Lets thank the Lord and continue to pray not only for us and our house hold, ...but for the whole world. Prayer alone can perform many impossible things. Prayer is very powerful and guaranteed. Praise the Lord... Alleluia and Glory be to our God of Mercy and Compassion...!

Thank You Lord, You have answered our prayers, though we are unworthy sinners...! Forgive the sins of the world and forgive those who do not recognize or revere You...! Forgive those who do not believe in Your mighty deeds...! 

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