Friday, May 18, 2012

Why this 'Kolaveri' among Christian Church Bishops...? Malankara Syrian Orthodox Jacobite Churches of Kerala...!

The world is at its final days. Every Christian knows it and believes it. All the devoted Christians on the earth are praying for the salvation of the whole world. The followers of Lord Jesus Christ are known and called as Christians. Christians are supposed to work and pray for the salvation of all the mankind...!

But it is seen that people are fighting for money, power and personal pleasure. Corruption and Killing is increasing day-by-day. In India we see how many people are getting involved in huge scams and corruption. The wealth and money some leaders plunder is more than sufficent to buy some countries of the world...! Those who engage in crime to amass these huge wealth and to win some positions are probably thinking that they are going to live on this planet permanantly...! They do not know, so lets pardon them....!

But when it comes to Christianity, every Christianparticularly the heads of Churches and ministries should behave responsibly and lead an exemplery life. It is really heart breaking to hear news of the heads and believers of two Orthodox Jacobite churches of Kerala fighting for position and property. When will their fight end...? At least by the second coming of the Lord whom they claim to believe and preach...?

Every Christian must try to live like Christ. Every Christian head (whichever denomination or organization he/she leads) who live against the Preachings of Lord jesus Christ are not Christians ... but anti-Christians...! If anyone fights for prominance or hirarchy is not a Christian at all...and does not belong to Lord Jesus Chrsit who lived in utter poverty, never owned anything in the world and washed the feet of His disciples!

When the so called pagans are spending their valuable time and energy for gaining / retaining the worldly riches, power and positions and go around courts and judges, Is it advisable for the Honorouble Bishops to continue their disputes...? Can they not come to an amicable settlement by their own without dragging such Church matters to the courts and other mediators...? Can not one lose something for his brother...? Why not give something to his brother...? Why this 'KOLAVERY' among brothers...? Please think a while and do the needful...! God Bless...!


  1. The Kerala orthodox and Jacobite Churches are like twin brothers. The bishops of theses Churches together with the wise believers should solve any disputes spiritually rather than dragging the disputes to the courts or lamenting publicly shamefully...!


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