Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Christian Persecution in Pakistan / Minority Communities are fleeing

Violence and atrocities on Religious minorities are increasing in Pakistan. The minority Hindus, Sikhs and Christians are ill-treated and persecuted in this Islamic country. But the ones that suffer the most anr no doubt, the Christians only. Not only in Pakistan, but also in many other countries, the Christians are the most persecuted community / Religious sect in the entire world.

It was last week the dead body of a 11-year Christian boy was found with torture marks on the corpse. This has created terror and panic among the meek and vulnerable Christian Minority Community there in the country. In another incident an innocent minor girl, reported to be mentally challenged, is awarded death sentence (to be burned) by a local Mosque priest for burning Koran ....!

But many people universally  have stated that the child who is put in a high security prison (jail), is not only mentally challenged but also an illiterate who cannot read or write and hence she might not know what she was doing or which book she was burning....!

Religious fanatics in Pakistan take the law in to their hands and award death sentences for innocent minorities applying Blasphemy law. The Almighty God will not rejoice in the killing of HIS innocent children in HIS Name or for HIS sake. For God Only created every one and all people on earth are His dear children. God actually expects His devotees to be merciful and compassionate to the fellow living beings. People who Kill or hurt others will be punished by the Almighty.


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