Wednesday, March 13, 2013

God has Chosen new Pope Francis I (formerly Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio) to head HIS Cathoilic Church from 2013 March

Pope Francis I (March, 2013)

After some anxious waiting, the Compassionate Lord Jesus Christ's Most Holy Spirit made the Catholic Cardinals in the Sistine Chapel at Vatican to elect Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio to lead HIS Church on earth from March 14th, 2013...!

The new Pontiff who has taken the name Francis I is the first Pope from Latin America to adorn the Royal throne of Apostle St Peter.

He is also the first person from a Missionary Congregation called 'Society of Jesus' (Jesuit)...!

"The Lord's Works are always a Miracle to our eyes"...! Though the prominent world medias made some guesswork and pointed towards some other Cardinals, The Master's Choice was different.

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  1. Yes, the work of the Lord is marvelous and beyond human understanding.


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