Monday, June 29, 2015

US Supreme Court Ruling on same-sex marriage to attract God's wrath

While the recent judgement of the US supreme court legalizing gay marriages in all the states of America is celebrated by a minority section of people throughout the world, there is another section of the faithful world-wide, who are praying God intensely not to punish the people of America for the ruling issued by the supreme court judges against the Holy Will of the Creator, challenging His Commandments and HIS very purpose of creating men and women.

By citing the work of some historians that evinced the continual adaptation of the institution, the supreme court of the USA decided to recognize gay (same-sex) marriages a constitutional right on Friday the 26th of June 2015. This declaration was received with jubilation by some gay couples and activists including some globally acclaimed personalities. 

This judgement by the supreme court of the USA which is considered and honored as the international champions for safeguarding and upholding justice is a great blow to all who expected Divine justice from them. The very constitution of the land was framed basing on the Holy word of God and this abominable announcement is an open declaration of war with the Lord who has been protecting the country and who drove it to prosperity and development.

If we make a simple look at the past history of the mankind, it is evidently clear when and how the people tested the Patience of the compassionate Lord and attracted His rage. God has punished the entire humanity with floods during the time of Noah for the increasing number of adultery the people committed and later sent fire from heaven to destroy the people unable to bear the sin of homosexuality sparing the righteous Lot. 

In-order to please a minor section of perverted persons who are physically, mentally, spiritually and socially ill, and to cover their abominable and sinful unions as 'legal marriage' the supreme court judges have violated the command of the Most Holy and Almighty God. Hence for the sake of the land (USA) and the world, all those concerned are requested in the Holy Name of the Lord to do the needful. 

All the God fearing people are requested to Pray earnestly for the abolition of this law and to send their petitions, requests and supports to the 'Alabama Justices' who are against this and who only can put an end to this disgracing and shameful law.

Please find below the addresses and contact phone numbers of Alabama Supreme Court Justices:

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Mark 10:23-27; Matt 19:23-24. Wealthy Christians and Kingdom of God

There is a misbelief among most Christians in the world including many Chosen ones for the Religious lives and Priesthood that money and material prosperity is the right of all Christians and so is a Gift from God. Many Christians who are rich and wealthy refuse to realize that Money and wealth is a gift of satan to the children of God to detach them from the loving company and presence of God the Father and it is an obstacle to the road to the Kingdom of God.

If you are a Christian, you are bound to read, meditate, understand and try to follow the 'Word of God' in the Holy Bible. Though the Holy Bible guarantees a peaceful and blissful life for those who honour the Holy Name and Word of God, money and possessions are not promised by God. If anyone believes in God and His begotten Son for worldly riches he / she is very unfortunate. 

Our Lord Jesus Christ has clearly said many times about the danger of having / seeking earthly riches and money. The Lord says in St Matthew's (6:24) and St Luke's Gospel (16:13) "No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money"

It is mentioned clearly that having money and riches is an obstacle for anyone to go to the 'Kingdom of God'. There are several Versus in the Holy Bible that warn children of God to abstain from running after money as done by most pagans. Unfortunately there is great percentage of rich Christians who do not believe seriously in the judgement and life after death. It is their money that make them feel that this life (with all its pleasures) is permanent. 

The good and upright rich young man who has scrupulously kept all the 10 commandments came to Lord Jesus seeking 'Eternal life' and returned grieving... only because he was rich and was not willing to part-with his earthly possessions. Here we can see that the young man was faultless in the eyes of the Lord and his only hindrance to Heaven was his wealth..! If this is the condition of a honest person in the very eyes of the Lord, what will be the condition of those Christians who do not hesitate to commit any crimes or corruptions to amass wealth inappropriately.

If this is the condition of a 'virtuous person' in the 'sight of the Lord', what will the condition of an ordinary Christian who does not follow all the commandments of God?

When the upright young man went away sadly, the Lord declared solemnly, "It is very difficult for the rich to enter the Kingdom of God". (St Mark 10:24) "It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God"...!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Logos Bible Quiz 2015 Registration Open for Keralites and NRI Malayalees

 'Logos Bible Quiz', The largest Bible Quiz in the world attended by about six lakhs people every year is now open again for registration for the mega quiz program scheduled to be conducted in 2015 as 'Kerala Catholic Bible Society' the organizers of the quiz are commemorating the silver Jubilee of its founding this year. The co-organizers of this quiz is 'Kerala Catholic Bishops Council Bible Commission'.

The Official websites are open form 2015 June 10th to July 31st for online Registrations by Keralites living in their home state as well as residing in other Indian states or abroad. This year the organizers are expecting about 10 lakh (one million) members enrolled for the Bible Quiz.

How to Register (apply) online?

There are two separate websites given below. One is for resident Malayalis and the other is for non-resident Keralites living in other states or countries. 

Non Resident Keralites s can write the quiz online along-with those writing it offline in Kerala. Interested persons are instructed to Register without any differentiation of caste, religion, gender or age.

Candidates Applying from Kerala, Click Here to Register

NRKs Click Here to Register Online

This year's (2015) syllabus:

Numbers 1-10, Proverbs 1-9, St. John 1-12, Letter of St. Jude 

For Other details such as instructions, eligibility criteria, age based group, portions, model question papers, sample quiz, results, winners list etc please click this link:

For details in Malayalam, please click this link.

The Logos Quiz 2015 will be telecast on Goodness TV by Divine Retreat Centre and Shalom TV. You can watch the finals of the quiz.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Divine Retreat Centre: 25 Glorious Years in the Service of the Lord Jesus

Divine Retreat Centre (DRC), which is the pride of Kerala, gratification of India and God's Blessing gift to the total humanity is completing 25 years of Glorious and Devoted Service of the Lord Jesus Christ for His people. Receiving directions through Words and visions from none other than Lord Jesus Christ Himself, Rev Father Mathew Naickomparambil and Rev Fr George Panckal started 'Divine Retreat Center' at Muringoor near Chalakudy in 1990 with the support of Rev Fr George Vempilly, Rev Fr Jacob Athickal etc. with the permission of the Superior Generals of Vincentian Congregation. 

The humble and small Charismatic Prayer Service started by a small pious group under the dedicated and selfless leadership of these loyal servants of God, grew up in to a mighty world-wide Retreat, Renewal and Spiritual Healing movement, extending its services to people from every nook and corner of the world. The year 2015 is the silver jubilee year of the centre. 

The Divine Retreat Centre is now accepted as an institution of the Almighty God. Even though some dark powers tried to interfere in the functioning of this center, they could do nothing as it is run by God for His people. Since its inception in 1990 till date uncountable number of people belonging to different religions, speaking different languages, belonging to different races and nationalities have participated in weekly retreats in this centre and received innumerable blessings for the Lord Jesus Christ who is the Lord of every human being on earth. 

Some people think that Lord Jesus is the founder of Christianity and the God of only Christians. This assumption is totally false as it is clearly mentioned in the Holy Bible that the Christ Jesus is the Lord of All people (living and lived) and He has shed His precious and Holy Blood for the salvation of the whole humanity. It is for every individual to accept the Redemption at his / her own free will without any conditions. 

Hundreds of thousands of people without any barriers of caste, creed, religion,  region, financial or social status have stepped in to the Divine Retreat Centre with huge loads of miseries, diseases, troubles, misfortunes, curses, evil spells, and many problems affecting the body, mind and soul and have left the center completely delivered and healed. Many people when they realize that they are cured by the 'Word of the Lord', they resolve firmly to know, love and follow the One Who has redeemed and blessed them and their dear and near ones.

Divine Retreat Centre is not only extending spiritual renewal services, but also many other social services for the care and rehabilitation of the destitute and the the less-fortunate persons of the society.