Saturday, June 13, 2015

Divine Retreat Centre: 25 Glorious Years in the Service of the Lord Jesus

Divine Retreat Centre (DRC), which is the pride of Kerala, gratification of India and God's Blessing gift to the total humanity is completing 25 years of Glorious and Devoted Service of the Lord Jesus Christ for His people. Receiving directions through Words and visions from none other than Lord Jesus Christ Himself, Rev Father Mathew Naickomparambil and Rev Fr George Panckal started 'Divine Retreat Center' at Muringoor near Chalakudy in 1990 with the support of Rev Fr George Vempilly, Rev Fr Jacob Athickal etc. with the permission of the Superior Generals of Vincentian Congregation. 

The humble and small Charismatic Prayer Service started by a small pious group under the dedicated and selfless leadership of these loyal servants of God, grew up in to a mighty world-wide Retreat, Renewal and Spiritual Healing movement, extending its services to people from every nook and corner of the world. The year 2015 is the silver jubilee year of the centre. 

The Divine Retreat Centre is now accepted as an institution of the Almighty God. Even though some dark powers tried to interfere in the functioning of this center, they could do nothing as it is run by God for His people. Since its inception in 1990 till date uncountable number of people belonging to different religions, speaking different languages, belonging to different races and nationalities have participated in weekly retreats in this centre and received innumerable blessings for the Lord Jesus Christ who is the Lord of every human being on earth. 

Some people think that Lord Jesus is the founder of Christianity and the God of only Christians. This assumption is totally false as it is clearly mentioned in the Holy Bible that the Christ Jesus is the Lord of All people (living and lived) and He has shed His precious and Holy Blood for the salvation of the whole humanity. It is for every individual to accept the Redemption at his / her own free will without any conditions. 

Hundreds of thousands of people without any barriers of caste, creed, religion,  region, financial or social status have stepped in to the Divine Retreat Centre with huge loads of miseries, diseases, troubles, misfortunes, curses, evil spells, and many problems affecting the body, mind and soul and have left the center completely delivered and healed. Many people when they realize that they are cured by the 'Word of the Lord', they resolve firmly to know, love and follow the One Who has redeemed and blessed them and their dear and near ones.

Divine Retreat Centre is not only extending spiritual renewal services, but also many other social services for the care and rehabilitation of the destitute and the the less-fortunate persons of the society.


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