Friday, November 11, 2016

The Year of Mercy ends, Doors of Churches close, But God's Mercy never ends!

The Universal Catholic Church has been celebrating the 'Extraordinary Great Jubilee Year of Divine Mercy' since 8th December, 2015. The official celebrations that commenced on the inaugural day with the symbolic opening of the great Door of the Basilica of St Peter by Pope Francis, and lasted nearly for an year, are ending with the Feast of Christ the King on 20th November, 2016. 

The Holy Jubilee Year of God's Mercy was observed with the motto, "Be Merciful like the Father" (Lk. 6;36). The main purpose of announcing this year was to give an opportunity for the members of the Catholic Christian community to practice the virtue of mercy and compassion to his fellow human beings as God the Father is showing to his sinful children without any conditions. It was also a golden opportunity for those people who left the Church and the Love of the compassionate Father for different reasons to come back to the main stream without any (normal) conditions or traditional punishments. 

Hundreds of thousands of people entered through the specified Doors of Mercy of Churches or Basilicas throughout the world during this period and experienced the sweetness of the Love, Forgiveness and Mercy of the Divine Father. Those who observed this Jubilee with devotion as instructed by the Holy Father Pope Francis (who is authorized by the Lord to grant) also received the special blessings and pardoning for all their sins. All those who received God's Mercy must preserve It and radiate It to the world.

There are still many people who could not take advantage of this special opportunity. Even though the Church closes the great Doors of St Peter's Basilica in Rome as a symbolic sign to wind-up the Jubilee Year of Divine Mercy, the ever flowing Mercy of the Divine Father never never ends or stops as HE is Mercy Himself (Ps 136). His Mercy and Compassion follows everyone until one's last moment in this world. As no one ever knows when is his/her final moments on this earth would be, it is imperative for each and everyone to rush to any Church as early as possible and seek the Forgiveness of sins from any Catholic Priest and receive God's unlimited and never ending Mercy and eternal Love.

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