Sunday, October 11, 2009


Whether any one agrees with me or not, it is 1000 percent TRUE that JESUS CHRIST, who redeemed the world with HIS precious BLOOD, is Coming SOON. The time and hour cannot be foretold by anyone as it is clearly said in the HOLY BIBLE that only the Father in Heaven knows when the LORD will come to JUDGE the world (Mk. 13: 32).

HIS second coming will not be like the first (then HE came to the world as the poorest of the poor, meekest of the meek, humblest of the humble). HIS second coming will be as the king of kings and the mightiest of the mighty, to judge the human race - the living and the dead, rich and poor, the powerful and the weak, kings, presidents, governors, ministers, leaders, bishops, priests, nuns, pastors, saints and sinners all...! Some so-called 'intellectuals' may differ with my beliefs, but I am least bothered about it, as I know thoroughly that 'the world's knowledge is a folly in the eyes of GOD

When a natural or man-made calamity occurs somewhere, even if it is in one's neighbourhood, many people pay no attention to it thinking that they are always safe and secured. "Man is made of dust and unto dust he shall return."
When some of our brethren somewhere meet with some unexpected tragedy, man, remember that such a thing can happen to you too... any time...!
So thank the Good GOD who gave you an opportunity to correct your ways and mend your path and... get prepared to meet your Creator... at any time...!


  1. Where's your adsense?

  2. If only the Father knows when Jesus will come to judge the world, and if the time and hour cannot be foretold, how can you know Jesus will be coming soon?


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