Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Significance of Christian / Catholic Priests:

Christian /Catholic Priests are the ones who deserve the highest level of respect and honor on the earth. A Priest, irrespective of his physical appearance, personality, level of knowledge, capability, nationality, various talents etc… he is to be respected as an agent of the Most High God. No world leaders or the heads of the super power countries do not equal a Priest of Christ. A priest is neither elected by the people nor appointed by any human authority but he is a representative of the Almighty, as a priest is appointed and anointed by God Himself. The saying of St Francis of Assisi who is known as the second Christ, underlines this point. “If I see an Angel and a Priest together, I will first wish the Priest and then the Angel.” St. Jerome the great has said, “All the Praise and worship of the Saints and Angels together with that of Blessed Mother Mary does not equal a Eucharistic Service performed by a Catholic Priest.”

Christian/Catholic Priests used to receive respect from all the people in the past in most of the countries like India for their dedicated and simple life style, exemplary services rendered to the society in the fields of Education, Medical, health, poverty eradication and their struggle to establish human rights without any discrimination of caste, creed, race, color, religious beliefs etc. Some Priests used to serve the society with their Spiritual Power to heal the sick and to drive out demons and evil spirits. They were honored as People from heaven even by the non-Christians.

It is sad indeed when some priests do not rise to the high expectation of the Church, the faithful and the world community itself. Now days we hear a number of stories about erring priests and the religious from around the world. Because of some priests and religious (nuns & brothers) that live forgetting their precious Calling, the Catholic Church has become the center of criticism in some countries. There are some dioceses that had to pay heavily for the wrongs committed by some of its priests. Even the Holy Father, Pope Benedict the XVI had to apologize to the people of many countries for the mistakes of some of the priests of the Catholic Church. When the enemies of the Church try to take undue advantage of all these things, to some extend the faith of an average devotee is also shaken. When some priests defame the Church of Christ because they succumb to their human weakness, there are many priests who are constantly attacked with false accusations without any reason by the vested interests. They bear the pain as they are really spiritual without making any complaints. What ever the reason, no human being is expected to judge or accuse a priest, as he is closely observed by the Lord who made him, appointed him and sent him to his present area of service and it is only HE who has the right to judge him and reward him accordingly.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

No Mobile (Cell) Phones in Churches:

Mobile phones (cell phones) have become a part and parcel of the present day mankind. Cellular/Mobile Phone has become an unavoidable part of everyone’s life. In some countries it has become a status symbol, more than a useful tool. Some people in some countries, even make an outward judgment of the financial / Social status of a person seeing the cost and make of his cell phone. However, to a greater extend, the discovery of mobile phone has been a great boon to the present day man to save time, health, life, energy and money.

But Mobile phones are not allowed anywhere and everywhere. Some governments have already banned them in courts, educational institutions, prisons, places of worship, banks, theaters and libraries. In certain offices and areas they are banned and their use is strictly prohibited. One is either asked to switch off or keep away his cell phone, when preparing to meet some important persons or visiting some important offices/places. In countries like India, even public servants like doctors and some officers demand the visitor to switch off the cell phone before entering his/her room. If it is the case with normal human beings who are democratically, politically and socially equal to you and me, is it not polite on our side to voluntarily switch off / keep off that disturbing instrument when we enter the Divine Presence of our Creator, Redeemer, Master, King, Judge and God …?

Some countries like Armenia, China, France, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, etc already have legalized the use of mobile phone jammers to ban the use of mobile phones in certain areas. In some countries like Mexico, 'cell phone-jammers' are installed in Churches to cut off the signals of the mobile phones in the premises.

It is upto each and every devotee to examine how much respect and importance one gives to his Creator and God, and as a mark of his utmost priority to GOD, it is expected to switch off / keep away such instruments voluntarily; and not for the sake of rules and laws.

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Whether one can use his/her shoes / foot-wear / chappels / slippers inside a Church depends upon his/hers relationship with the ONE in the Church and some other factors. Devotees belonging to most other religions keep away their shoes or foot wear when they enter their Places of worship considering them to be holy. But Christians generally have a habit of not removing their shoes. In countries where the climate is very cold it was used in the olden days to protect their feet from cold. It was justified then.

But in countries like India, it is strongly felt that one should enter the House of God with bare feet. In most denominational Churches in Kerala it is maintained strictly.

When we are instructed to enter the office of some officials and doctors without foot-wear, we scrupulously obey it...! Why don't we voluntarily come forward to do it to show our utmost respect to our God and Master???