Tuesday, April 13, 2010

No Mobile (Cell) Phones in Churches:

Mobile phones (cell phones) have become a part and parcel of the present day mankind. Cellular/Mobile Phone has become an unavoidable part of everyone’s life. In some countries it has become a status symbol, more than a useful tool. Some people in some countries, even make an outward judgment of the financial / Social status of a person seeing the cost and make of his cell phone. However, to a greater extend, the discovery of mobile phone has been a great boon to the present day man to save time, health, life, energy and money.

But Mobile phones are not allowed anywhere and everywhere. Some governments have already banned them in courts, educational institutions, prisons, places of worship, banks, theaters and libraries. In certain offices and areas they are banned and their use is strictly prohibited. One is either asked to switch off or keep away his cell phone, when preparing to meet some important persons or visiting some important offices/places. In countries like India, even public servants like doctors and some officers demand the visitor to switch off the cell phone before entering his/her room. If it is the case with normal human beings who are democratically, politically and socially equal to you and me, is it not polite on our side to voluntarily switch off / keep off that disturbing instrument when we enter the Divine Presence of our Creator, Redeemer, Master, King, Judge and God …?

Some countries like Armenia, China, France, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, etc already have legalized the use of mobile phone jammers to ban the use of mobile phones in certain areas. In some countries like Mexico, 'cell phone-jammers' are installed in Churches to cut off the signals of the mobile phones in the premises.

It is upto each and every devotee to examine how much respect and importance one gives to his Creator and God, and as a mark of his utmost priority to GOD, it is expected to switch off / keep away such instruments voluntarily; and not for the sake of rules and laws.

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