Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Greatest Birth under the sun: The greatest Miracle of God!


The earth on which we live has witnessed billions of child births. All the great and small, wise and vise, kings and beggars, leaders and followers, saints and sinners, rich and poor, handsome and ugly, men and women have taken their precious 'one-time only' birth on this planet some where and some time. You and me too are born in some parts of this world. But the birth the earth has witnessed at Bethlehem some 2010 years ago in a small manger at a cold winter night is accepted and recognised as the greatest child birth for ever and ever. It was not a mere human being like you and me that was born there then. It was the Holy human incarnation of the Almighty God !

How can the most high God take birth from a humble virgin? That too in the humblest and poorest circumstances! All the works of God are marvellous! All HIS actions are miracles before our eyes! But I feel HIS incarnation in this world in search of HIS people to liberate and grant them HIS paradise is the greatest of all HIS miracles!

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