Monday, January 31, 2011

The Identity of a Christian: How a Follower of Lord Jesus Christ should live.

The population statistics show that the total number of Christians in the world is more than two billion. But it is for the individual to examine really how many are trying to live this short life on this planet, adhering to the teachings of the Divine Master. If at least 10 percent of the Christians lead a Christian life, seeing their exemplary lifestyle others (non-Christians & atheists) will be attracted towards Christianity and the Lord will be Glorified greatly.

We know 2000 years ago the earlier Christian Population was only less than 100. That least number lived like CHRISTIANS and people from all walk of life started joining them to live a simple life facing hardships in Love and Unity!

It is unfortunate to see that many Christians bearing the holy names of Saints, Prophets and Angels are leading a mere materialistic and fully worldly life, doing all sorts of shameful activities for amassing huge wealth and thus bring disgrace to the ONE Who redeemed them shedding even the last drop of HIS Precious Blood.

The greatest tragedy of this era is that even many Priests, Religious and Pastors who proclaim the Gospel and Preach about the divine salvation are under the clutches of greed for money which is the most powerful weapon of satan to distroy the Chosen Ones.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

While Entering a Church what one must remember. How to enter a Catholic Church..?

WHILE ENTERING THE CHURCH or CHAPEL, never forget that you are entering the BUSY COURT of the ALMIGHTY LORD...! Even though none can see with the naked eyes, There are numerous ANGELS and SAINTS who adore and worship the LORD unceasingly and gladly in every CHURCH or PLACE where HE is Sits in the Throne of Glory. {Can one meet a lone VIP without attendants and assistants...?}. When we enter the office of a dignified civil or political leader, how much respect we try to show him/her for granting us an interview? Can you meet the head of your country without an appointment... however great you (you think !) are...? Think...!

As the compassionate Lord is always willing to meet / bless HIS devotees without any time restrictions or reservations... do not take it for cheap or simple. There is no one in the universe greater than HIM.

Suppose an ordinary man is invited by a governor for a dinner how much gratitude and excitement this man will have! Or if the President of your country gives an appointment to you to meet him/her at his camp office, and allow you to spend some time with him, how much privileged you will be! Just imagine...! If a very important person says you are his close friend, how much happiness you will have !

Any one can any time visit the Almighty - without any prior permission or appointment !! How Merciful and Kind HE is...! So, when you enter a CHURCH especially where the MOST BLESSED SACRAMENT in the Tabernacle is venerated, Prostate in front of IT with utmost humility or Adore IT fully bending the full body or kneel before IT with the Belief that you are adoring and worshiping 'the KING of KINGS'. Then you slowly and respectfully go and occupy an appropriate place.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Epiphany of the Lord Jesus 2nd January 2011. Happy New Year 2011...!

I wish you dear reader of my blog, from the bottom of my heart that you and your near and dear ones have a "HAPPY, HEALTHY, PEACEFUL AND BLESSED NEW YEAR 2011"

Thanks to the Lord, that you and me are alive to read and write in 2011 too...!

God Bless All...,

Today the Christian world is celebrating the Epiphany of the Lord Jesus. Epiphany means 'manifestation'. Lord Jesus revealed HIS manifestation to the three wise men of the East (three kings) who desired to see HIM
. They traveled miles with lots of hardships to see the lord and worship HIM. This solemn feast is celebrated on the second Sunday after Christmas world over. HE is visible to those who seek HIM...!