Monday, January 31, 2011

The Identity of a Christian: How a Follower of Lord Jesus Christ should live.

The population statistics show that the total number of Christians in the world is more than two billion. But it is for the individual to examine really how many are trying to live this short life on this planet, adhering to the teachings of the Divine Master. If at least 10 percent of the Christians lead a Christian life, seeing their exemplary lifestyle others (non-Christians & atheists) will be attracted towards Christianity and the Lord will be Glorified greatly.

We know 2000 years ago the earlier Christian Population was only less than 100. That least number lived like CHRISTIANS and people from all walk of life started joining them to live a simple life facing hardships in Love and Unity!

It is unfortunate to see that many Christians bearing the holy names of Saints, Prophets and Angels are leading a mere materialistic and fully worldly life, doing all sorts of shameful activities for amassing huge wealth and thus bring disgrace to the ONE Who redeemed them shedding even the last drop of HIS Precious Blood.

The greatest tragedy of this era is that even many Priests, Religious and Pastors who proclaim the Gospel and Preach about the divine salvation are under the clutches of greed for money which is the most powerful weapon of satan to distroy the Chosen Ones.

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  1. I would agree with most of that. Many Christians today are Christians in name only, and this is very sad. Many of them don't even understand the doctrines of the faith or try to live their lives in a good Christian way. This is hardly inspiring for non-Christians. However, this isn't the case everywhere. In sub-Saharan Africa and China there's a real thirst for Christ. So while the Christian faith seems to be waning in previously Christian areas, it is spreading to other areas where it is more marginal.


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