Friday, March 18, 2011

When you Pray the 'Way of the Cross' do it with meditation and penence

How to Pray the 'Way of the Cross'...and when to say the 'Way of the Cross'...?

Catholics and some Christian denominations offer the 'Way of the Cross' very often especially during the Holy Season of Lent. It is strongly advisable to meditate and pray this prayer of the Lord's Passion on all the days of the lent if possible. If not possible, it is essential to offer this prayer at least once in a week during the days of lint-preferably on Fridays. As far as possible it is appreciable to make this prayer in the Church, as a community.

When we make this special Prayer to meditate the inexplicable sufferings of our Lord, it is appreciable and more effective when done with little penance. For instance in most Churches the fourteen (now-a-days 15) Stations of the Cross is set up. When we are making that particular Prayer, we need to walk through the stations as far as possible. During the Prayer after announcing each Station when all say; "We adore You O' Christ....", we should physically adore our Savior at least kneeling on both legs and bowing the head. If possible prostating is highly valued...!

When this Prayer is held inside a Church, after the seventh Station when we go to the eighth place which is on the other side of the Church, never forget to show proper reverence to the Eucharistic Lord by bowing/kneeling/prostrating....!

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