Monday, April 18, 2011

Good Friday/ The Holiest Day of Human Redemption/ The Greatest Sacrifice in the universe.

Good Friday is observed as a Day of Sorrow in every nook and corner of the world. It is a holiday for the whole earth. The entire world, without any Religious or racial difference is sad on that Day as the Savior of the humanity sacrificed HIS precious and invaluable Life on the Cross to redeem the entire people and to make them inherit the ‘Kingdom of GOD’. The Good Friday is observed as a Holy Day of fasting and complete abstinance.

Some non-Christian people raise a doubt, why the day on which the Savior died is called as Good Friday by the Christians...? It is the Best day of all days, as on this day only the 'Salvation' and 'Life Eternal'that was Promised by the Almighty God through HIS Profets and Faithful was 'Gifted' to the human race...! What a Great Love ... the Heavenly Father's Love...!

On this day many Christian denominations like Catholics, adore the 'Holy Cross' on which the Saviour of the world hung. Some Christian denominations interupt this as idol worship. The cross, used by the lord to redeem the mankind is not considered and believed as as an idol but as the Blessed 'Alter' chosen by the Lord to make this 'Supreme Sacrifice'

You believe it or not, I have been witnessing since my childhood, even the nature shows its pain over the death of its Creator and showers in the afternoons of Good Fridays … even though this day falls in summer in India…! It is a great miracle unnoticed by any researchers… happening since long…!

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