Monday, April 18, 2011

Maundy (Holy)Thursday/ The Last Supper Day/ The gruesome Day on which the Master was betrayed by His Disciple

On Maundy Thursday (Holy Thursday), All Churches across the globe commemorate the Last Supper of the Lord. It was on that Day the Lord established the ‘Sacrament of the Holy Mass’ and the 'Holy Eucharist'. The Lord’s humility is depicted in all Churches during the Holy Service. The Priest washes the feet of twelve faithful as the Lord washed the feet of His twelve disciples on the last supper day before He was betrayed and caught in Gethsemane. This act of the Divine Master demands from HIS followers to practice the virtue of humility.

Some Catholic Christian ancestors in Kerala used to make 'unleavened loaves' and wine called as pulippillatha pesaha appam and palu (also called as Kurisappam or Indri Appam) and the eldest in the family used to serve it on the night of this day. They used to invite their relatives and neighbours. And during the night they used to spend the whole night before the Holy Eucharist or at their homes by reading the Holy Bible and Pana (a traditional spiritual Malayalam book about the Passion and Crucifixion of the Lord)

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