Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Greed for Money, Power, Position and worldly affairs

Even many chosen and ordained servants today forget at whose servicee they are. Many Priests and Pastors run for position, power and wealth. Some times they behave even more shamefully than pagans. Are they lacking the discernment of the Holy Spirit?

When a priest is elevated as a Bishop, he is expected to become more humble and graceful. He should renounce the world more and get attached to the heaven. If such 'Pastors' lead the Church, how far their tenure will be fruitful and pleasing to the 'ONE' that called them...?

The faithful must pray fervently for the spiritual leaders. Because they will be tormented by the satan more than anyone else and they need more strength to withstand such temptations.

One thing is clear and known to one and all. No position or power or reccomendation or status or wealth shall take any one to Heaven...!


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