Monday, July 11, 2011

Beware of Satanic worship and false crucifix and medals...!

This is a Serious warning to all the saved followers of God the Almighty...!!!

The term satanic worship is heard here and there. satan is using all his might to capture, deceive and derail the 'children of God'! We must be aware that he is also mighty. But we can rest and relax because our Lord the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob is Almighty...! He is the One who created everything. He is the One who redeems all. He is the One Who sent His dearly beloved SON to save us...! Alleluia...!

The evil spirit knows that we are approaching the end days. he wants to trap as many children of God as possible and join his gang. Poor innocent people who are not vigilant and walk in a distance from the Word of God are prone to be trapped easily.

Now a days, even Crucifixes, Rosaries and Religious Medals of Blessed Mother and Saints are fake and are manufactured and circulated by these loyalists of the cursed angel. When we buy or receive a spiritual item or product carefully examine it and conform whether it is from the true Church or her devotees...!

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  1. It is possible to find certain reasons why people are driven into Satan worshipping. However, the next reasons are perhaps the most common:

    Firstly, the effect of friends is certainly a common reason why people are driven into Satan worshipping. None of us wants to look like a sissy and probably everyone wants to be accepted, and therefore the effect of others on our life can be huge.

    Maybe the largest reason why people are driven into Satan worshipping is seeking for power. For if we feel insufficient and powerless, we may feel the temptation to seek for information and power from the dark side. We want to rule issues that are not in our control so that people would admire us. If we cannot experience this in normal life, we might easily turn to the imitations of Satan.
    In fact, this seeking for power is quite a similar dependence as some people have on alcohol and drugs that are used just so that people would notice how these people are harder and stronger, and they would get rid of their feelings of inadequacy.

    Music (and of course literature that is not discussed here) is one huge gate to Satan worshipping. Many have said that they have been driven into worshipping Satan by black metal music; in other words music, in which occult subjects, admiration of Satan and death, self-destruction and evilness are openly pointed out.
    Music is significant because we listen to it much: it certainly has an effect on our subconscious and attitudes in the same way as the TV and magazines. Many bands are owned by Satanists, and if we listen to their music, we may begin to accept issues that we might have deemed wrong before. We will start to transform into what we are looking and listening.

    Worshipping Satan and occultism in general is an enslaving yoke. Practicing of it always leads to demonic bounds and restlessness – such one did not expect to experience in his former, “normal” life and which did not bother him then. In addition, the most serious feature of practicing occultism is that it closes the doors of Heaven from us. We can see from the Bible how the magicians, witches, murderers, and others living in sin will not inherit the kingdom of God.

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