Saturday, July 30, 2011

Love: what is God's Love, Human Love and devil's love

We all know to some extend what 'Love' is. We have heard many times quoting 'God is Love'. That means love is God. The term 'love' is originally pure and good. Sometimes it is misinterpreted and taken in the wrong sence. Love can never go wrong or commit any crimes, if it is real 'love'...!

Love is of three types.

God' Love: It is real love. It is unconditional and limit less. God's love is full of compassin and kindness. Its depth or height is not measurable. It is always flowing evenly to all human beings, whether good or bad...!

Human Love: It is always selfish. Human love consists of Parental love, children's love, Brothers' love, couple's love, love (attraction) of opposite sex, etc. All these love's are driven by some self benefit...!

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