Monday, August 15, 2011

After 64th Independence Day, Anna Hazare -2nd Gandhian arrested by 'Indians'...!

Yesterday the 65th Day of Indian Independence was celebrated through out the nook and corners of India, with great pomp and gaiety. But the arrest and detention of 'Anna Hazare' one of the very few Gandhians living in the country, fighting to liberate India from the anti-Indians, who rule it and robe it, on the very next day itself, is very unfortunate.

We saw a lot of untoward and unpleasant incidents, violence, arson and riots that shook Great Briton last week. But not learning anything from another's experience is stubbornness. It is high time for the Indian politicians and the government to learn lessons and act accordingly, before it is too late and goes beyond the control.

The government is elected by the majority of the voters, with the expectation and hope that, the elected representatives would remember always that it is the people that elected them, and they should not loot or sell or betray their mother land, but should strive to take such a wonderful country with great reputation and wealth, to prosperity and growth.

When all the leaders, departments and machinery that are responsible for checking and eliminating corruption are not functioning properly, ultimately the 'majority' 'passive people' who do not have any affiliation with any political parties or persons, lose their patience and resort to violence which may be very difficult to be controlled.

Dear Government, don't be deaf and blind, act swiftly and put a full stop to 'corruption' without any fear or 'soft corner' or 'grudge' and you can regain all your lost glory....!

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