Wednesday, August 3, 2011

JUSTICE N. SANTOSH HEGDE, Lokayukta of Karnataka State, must be given special protection and awards

It was a breaking news: the fact findings of Karnataka Lokayuktha, Justice Santhosh Hegde made the corrupt chief minister of Karnataka to resign after a lot of prolonged struggle and high drama...! Justice Santhosh Hegde deserves praise for his courageous action without any fear of the powerful. He must be taken as an example by those who have authority and responsibility to fight against corruption and injustices.

When the politicians who are elected and entrusted the powers to govern and safeguard a state or country, behave in such a way, and betray the interests of the people or state or country, they should be prosecuted without any mercy or partiality and should be granted the stringent punishment more than a citizen, who commits the same crime.

I feel these unclean but mighty corrupt politicians will not forget their anger on sincere and honest people like Mr. Santhosh Hegde, and they will not waste any chance to take revenge on such people, who are always a threat to corrupt politicians...!

Hence the Government of India should give suitable protection to the lives and properties of such people, considering them as national assets, before some untoward incident occurs, as usual...!

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