Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Unfortunate London Riots spreading to other cities of UK. What is the reason for UK riots?

The riots that spread out in the great London city in England recently is quite unfortunate. It is a cause of concern to understand that it is now spreading to other cities also. Beautiful and elegent London city which is situated in the middle of the whole earth enjoys a high place of reputation for its peace, tranquility and riches of all types.

Even the Government of such a city and a country is facing the ire of the desperate people. It should be an eye-opener to all the Governments of the world. If the steps and policies taken by the political people who rule a state or country, are against the wishes of the majority, such riots, violence, looting and arsen would take place and the people may be forced to the law into their hands...!

Social uprising, racial tension and the policies of the coalition government are all the major reasons of the riots.

Any how a Christian, while seeing all these things happen, should remember the Holy Words of the Lord, said two thousand years ago and Pray to the Lord to make him eligible to 'stand with the head raised to face the Lord who is going to come soon'...! (Mark 13: 8 & 12)

Let us all whole heartedly pray for Peace to prevail and harmonious life of people in all the countries.


  1. In the majority of cases the people involved in these riots are young, poor and from dysfunctional families. Unfortunately, for many years now the UK government through its policies has only encouraged the break up of the traditional family structure. Have you heard of 'single parent families' where you live? In UK, it's becoming quite a trend.

    British politicians may talk about better parenting for now, but I doubt anything real will be done about it. What we're seeing is a society in decay. It is sad.

  2. Thanks JI for your valuable comments...!


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