Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Not Muslim Terrorists behind the Delhi bomb blasts...?

The bomb blasts that killed and injured many innocent people in the Delhi High court compound on September 7th, 2011 is very unfortunate and highly condemnable.

A terror outfit named as HuJi has claimed responsibility for this barbaric act. Many electronic and print medias have reported this incident and termed this 'outfit' as 'Islamic or Muslim' terrorists.

I strongly feel this is completely wrong. How can a Muslim kill and wound innocent children of Allah...? How can a devoted person who believes that God is the Creator of all... destroy any 'creation' or damage anything, created by God...?

Terrorists and criminals have no God, Religion, Love, Compassion, Faith etc. They may bear names similar to that of people belonging to some religions like Islam, Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism, Jewish etc. But they do not adhere to the faith or follow the tenets of any Religion, nor are they guided by the 'Divine Spirit' of Love and Peace, but the darkness of satan, the evil spirit of hate, cruelty and unrest.

So, people should stop terming inhuman terrorists linking to any Religion. A person bearing the name of a Christian Saint or a Muslim Prophet and indulging in anti-human activities, does not belong to Christianity or Islam and for that reason alone that religion should not be blamed.

When some one involves in such activities and seek support of any community, they should be isolated and banned, because showing any sympathy or support of any kind to the satan is completely against the Will of the Almighty God...!

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