Friday, September 16, 2011

Viswasichalum Illenkilum (Believe it or Not) dated 15th September, 2011

Yesterday's (15-09-2011) 'believe it or not' on Asianet Malayalam channel telecast a miracle happening at a Christian Chapel (Kurisu Palli) in Mavur road in Kozhikode of Kerala. Every Fridays people of different Religions and Faith crowd there which causes even huge traffic blocks. It is a small chapel with a 'Miraculous Cross' that grows gradually....!

The history of the growing rocky Cross: A woman while cutting grass accidentally touched her sickle knife on a 'small cross curved of stone' and seeing blood gushing out of it she was terrified and ran away in fear. Then a person named Fernandez found the cross and placed it devoutly. A Hindu family of that place donated site for the construction of a Chapel over the Cross.

The century old cross has become the centre of miracles. The majority that approach the Kurisummoodu Pally are Hindus and Muslims. candles are lit throughout the day and devotees are free to offer their own prayers and offerings for various needs.

According to the believing, any difficult problem will be solved, however great they are, if candles are lighted and oil is poured in the lamps continuously for seven Fridays with Faith...!

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