Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Power of praying the 'Holy Rosary' every day...!

As the world is apparently in its final times..., People who receive inspiration from the Most High God to seek and get Salvation of the Lord and attain Heaven are running here and there in search of God's Free Gift of Eternal Life...!

It is a matter of great joy for people like me to see many devotees including non-Catholics, protestants and Non-Christians seeking the intervention of the Lord's Blessed Virgin Mother Mary to get Redeemed.

In this pursuit many people who used denounce in the past, the part of the Blessed Mother in the Holy act of Redemption, started accepting her part and seeking her blessings.

There are many Catholics too who did not give any importance to the special prayer 'Rosary' which is a powerful weapon against the satan and the powers of the darkness, started praying it regularly.

There are numerous Saints and Blessed people who experienced spiritual blessings in abundant, hence strongly recommend the 'Prayer of Rosary', which will CERTAINLY do Miracles in our Spiritual, Physical as well as family and individual lives.

Pray at least one Rosary a day in your family, and watch the amount of blessings it gives to all the members of the family. People who wish the conversion of sinful people (including your own family members, husbands, wives, children, parents, relatives, friends) or persecutors of the Christians or for receiving special favors can get GUARANTEED RESULTS by Praying the Holy Rosary with devotion and Belief....! 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Who are the anti- Christs...? The enemies of Christ's Church...?In the Present day scenario ...!

Even though the mention of the anti-Christ is made in several books and the Holy Gospels, many people even today raise a question 'Who are the enemies of The Lord' Sacred Church?' The Holy Bible categorically states verses of the Lord, "Whoever is not for Me is against Me".

According to the latest findings Christianity is the most persecuted race in the world. About 75 percent of the total number of people persecuted around the world are Christians - those who believe and follow the Lord, Jesus Christ. All those leaders and rulers of the world countries, who afflict and persecute these poor and meek community are of course, anti-Christs.

Some Religious fanatics who cannot bear the out flow of people from their Religions to the 'Life Giving Truth' of the Lord by listening to the 'Good News' get attracted and converted to Christianity. This make them violent and forces them to turn against the 'Truth' and the people who walk in that 'Path'. So they resort to destroying the 'Church' by persecuting the poor and peace-loving Christians. These people also come under the catogory of anti Christs.

But in my humble opinion, the Pastors, Priests and the Religious, who have pledged to follow the Lord and obey His Commands, forget their 'calling' and start living a life similar (and sometimes worse) to that of a pagan, leaving and abandoning the Values and Ethics of the Sacred Faith and living adversely to the Teachings of Lord Jesus Christ, and persecuting the Lord Jesus with their bad examples and lives are the Most dangerous enemies of Christ and anti-Christs.

Those Christian institutions like Churches, Hospitals, Schools, Colleges, Ministries, NGOs, that run and exist for mere worldly riches, money and power are the enemies of Christ. And all those who are responsible for such organizations and Institutions are causing to create a hatred and disgrace among the people of other communities to the Lord, His Church and His flock, and they are also horrible enemies of the Universal Church of Christ and are anti-Christs of the highest grade.

Please open your eyes and think once, how much you are damaging the Church of Christ...!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Mar George Alencherry made Cardinal of Catholic Church

Syro-Malabar Church's Major Arch Bishop Mar George Alancherry is elevated to the status of Cardinal by the Holy Father Benedict XVI, who is the present successor of the Lord's own Apostle St. Peter.

Mar Alechery is the fourth Keralite and the tenth Indian to become a Cardinal. He is one of the three prelates from India, who have voting right to elect the Pope.

Mar George was the first Major Arch Bishop to be elected, following the demise of Major Arch Bishop and Cardinal Varkey Vithayathil on May 24th, 2011.

May the Good God give him wisdom and the discernment of the Holy Spirit to lead the Church entrusted to his care and good health and log life.

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