Monday, March 26, 2012

The Holy Father receiving warm welcome in Santiago in Cuba...! Slams Marxism and communism

The Spiritual head of the universal Catholic Church and the heir of Apostle St. Peter, Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI has has begun his Cuban visit and the people of Cuba are very enthusiastic to welcome the Pontiff.

The Pontiff's visit comes after his criticism on the Marxist and communist ideology saying 'it no longer corresponded to any reality' and 'it did not have any place in the modern world'. He urged the Cuban people to  find new models...!

Though he knew that his comments ahead of his visit to Cuba, on the dark political situation which is prevailing in that country for over fifty years, would cause eye brows to raise, the Pontiff did not fear to pronounce the truth.

The Holy Father said that the Marxist (Communist) ideology in the way it was conceived, no longer corresponds to reality. In the way, it is not possible to respond and build a society. So he asked the people to find a new models with patience in a constructive way....!

It is expected that the Holy father's call would bring a lot of change in the mindset of not only the Cuban People but also that of the world...!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Manarcadu St Mary's Church Miracle ...! Believe it or Not...!

The recent miracle taking place on the Granite 'Holy Cross' situated at the St. Mary's Cathedral Church, Manarcad in Kottayam district is yet another message from the Blessed Virgin Mary to her beloved children. This incident was telecast by popular Malayalam channel Asianet in 'Viswasichalum Illenkilum' program.

Large number of people from all religions and communities are visiting this famous pilgrim center to see the miracle. The According to sources, the incident first occurred after a three day retreat in the Church last month end. beautifully scented oil started flowing from the large 'Cross' made of granite. According to eye witness and people from all walks of life, the fragrance of the heavenly oil fills the area and its surroundings.

It should be an eye-opener for the heads of the Syrian Orthodox and Jacobite Church denominations who are in constant dispute over authority, power and property. It is really heart breaking to see the news of disputes, quarrels, police cases, court cases, electronic and media reports, etc by the hon'ble and reverend Arch-Bishops, Bishops, Clergy and the faithful attacking and blaming one another and to keep on fighting till the Lord Jesus Comes...!

Both the rites (Syrian Jacobite and Orthodox) that follow the Lord, who asked HIS disciples to forgo everything for the sake of the Kingdom of God, is expecting some flexibility from both the parties. If the two groups who are real brothers fight over worldly things, Mary, the Mother of the Lord will be very much disappointed on the actions of her children against the 'Wish' of Her Son...!

If anyone who says he is a Christian and is not ready to forgive and forget, we need to check whether he is a Christian or anti-Christian what ever place or position he adorns....!!!

To watch the video.... Click the link

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Baseless allegations on Nuns and Religious - Piravom by elections 2012

The prestigious and highly fought by-elections to Kerala's Piravom Assembly Constituency was held today peacefully amid tight police security, party agents and electoral officials, with out reporting any untoward incidents of any kind.

It is a good news to see the the poll percentage of this constituency was record high nearing ninety percentage (90%). It shows the people's responsibility to elect their leader. While the UDF headed by the Indian National Congress Party and the LDF headed by the Communist Party of India (Marxist)  expressed confidence of winning this prestigious seat, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) remained silent and started to criticize the entire system, the minorities and the other Fronts.

It is unfortunate for the leaders of the parties who are fearing defeat in the polls to criticize the nuns and charge base less and unnecessary allegations against them saying they cast fake votes, only to cover their faces.

The polling officers present in the booths and the agents of the political parties can easily identify any person trying in any poll malpractices. There may be nuns who belong to those areas and whose names are registered in the electoral list serving else where. What is the wrong if nuns or religious people come and exercise their franchise.

There are some people who always try to find fault with the Christian priests and the religious, as they know that they will not react like the common people. It is not a good practice to blame such people and attack the minorities who are meek to avoid any fear of failure or gaining silly political or communal mileage and undue popularity....! 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

War clouds hovering over South east Asia under another ...? Israel striking Iran first...?

As the countries involved in building nuclear capabilities and those opposing it are stern in their stands, the possibility of any 'Peace Situation' in the gulf region is very far. A war is visible in a near future. In-spite of the imposition of economic sanctions, Iran is adamant in its stands, and this is provoking the International community on Iran's alleged nuclear weapon build-up.

What ever the reason, the Holy Bible's  verses have to fulfill. But it is very necessary for the world leaders to strive for the prevalence of Peace and Harmony among world countries.

On the other side, Some Countries like China are increasing their military capability and allocating huge funds in their budgets for accumulating more and more weapons. There is a major portion of their population starving and struggling below poverty line. Instead of diverting funds to eliminate poverty and starving, what s the use of buying more and more weaponry....?

Do they have any external threat from any other country...? No....! Their only aim is to threaten and if necessary, attack their neighbor.

If all the leaders of all the world countries resolve to adhere to peace and harmony, the earth will be another paradise. It is high time for the devotees of the Lord to Pray for the peace of the world. Any war in any part of the world will be disastrous for the entire people of the world. No one is safe on this earth....!  

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Alarming news- Christian Population is decreasing in London. Who is responsible...?

The recent news appeared in the print and electronic media, stating that England, considered as a Christian Country is soon going to be a non-Christian country, following the steep fall of the Christian population in that country.

According to that shocking news for the Church and the Christian community world wide, Briton which was counted as a Christian Country with majority christian population, will soon become a country with non-Christians and atheists amounting to more than half of its population in the years to come.

It is surprising to see the rise of the number of Hindus, Buddhists and Muslims there in the recent years, while Christianity and Jewish communities reduced in their numbers.

The report says that every year around half a million Christians are losing their faith and going away from Christianity. And the number becoming atheists and going away from the Love of the Good God every year is more than that.

It is high time for the Church and Every Christian in the UK to check this and do his/her mite for the salvation of the souls. Let every soul self examine whether we are fulfilling our spiritual duty of guiding and gathering our fellow beings to the Lord or we are also remaining as Christians, without the life of the Holy Spirit in us.

Let us all pray for those who lose their Faith....!

Friday, March 2, 2012

US House of Representatives introduce Resolution on Religious Freedom in Gujarat of India

Godhra Train Tragedy, 2002
On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the horrible Communal and Religious carnage mooted out at the Non-Hindus, specially on the Muslims, allegedly with the back ground support and patronage of the BJP led State government and its Chief Minister Narendra Modi, the UAS house of Representatives have introduced a Congressional Resolution urging the Narendra Modi -led Gujarat Government to restore Religious Freedom and Communal harmony in the state.

The non-binding resolution (bearing number H Res 569), which has no co-sponsors was introduced by Congressman Keith Ellison in recognition to the tragic communal violence in Gujarath in 2002, is sent to the House of Foreign Affairs Committee for further action.

The Resolution in which the US Department of State shares the opinion that the Government of Gujarat has not done enough justice and compensation for the riot victims of 2002, including the most tragic Godhra Train fire.

India which has a long cultural and traditional heritage and a long history of amicability and communal harmony is damaged by the activities of some selfish and rude politicians whose only motive is to gain power  even if by the support of religious extremists.

Vatican's Prayer Intentions for the Month of March 2012, for universal women

As the world women's Day is celebrated in the month of March, keeping this in view, the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI, who is the heir of Apostle St. Peter, has announced the prayer intentions for March 2012.

In the general prayer intentions released by the Pontiff he has asked the universal Catholic community to pray: "That the whole world may recognize the contribution of women to the development of society."

He has also asked the Catholics world-wide to pray for his missionary intention, "That the Holy Spirit may grant perseverance to those who suffer discrimination, persecution or death for the name of Lord Jesus Christ, particularly in Asian countries."

Let all the Christians pray for these two intentions particularly during the season of lent.