Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Alarming news- Christian Population is decreasing in London. Who is responsible...?

The recent news appeared in the print and electronic media, stating that England, considered as a Christian Country is soon going to be a non-Christian country, following the steep fall of the Christian population in that country.

According to that shocking news for the Church and the Christian community world wide, Briton which was counted as a Christian Country with majority christian population, will soon become a country with non-Christians and atheists amounting to more than half of its population in the years to come.

It is surprising to see the rise of the number of Hindus, Buddhists and Muslims there in the recent years, while Christianity and Jewish communities reduced in their numbers.

The report says that every year around half a million Christians are losing their faith and going away from Christianity. And the number becoming atheists and going away from the Love of the Good God every year is more than that.

It is high time for the Church and Every Christian in the UK to check this and do his/her mite for the salvation of the souls. Let every soul self examine whether we are fulfilling our spiritual duty of guiding and gathering our fellow beings to the Lord or we are also remaining as Christians, without the life of the Holy Spirit in us.

Let us all pray for those who lose their Faith....!

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