Saturday, March 17, 2012

Baseless allegations on Nuns and Religious - Piravom by elections 2012

The prestigious and highly fought by-elections to Kerala's Piravom Assembly Constituency was held today peacefully amid tight police security, party agents and electoral officials, with out reporting any untoward incidents of any kind.

It is a good news to see the the poll percentage of this constituency was record high nearing ninety percentage (90%). It shows the people's responsibility to elect their leader. While the UDF headed by the Indian National Congress Party and the LDF headed by the Communist Party of India (Marxist)  expressed confidence of winning this prestigious seat, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) remained silent and started to criticize the entire system, the minorities and the other Fronts.

It is unfortunate for the leaders of the parties who are fearing defeat in the polls to criticize the nuns and charge base less and unnecessary allegations against them saying they cast fake votes, only to cover their faces.

The polling officers present in the booths and the agents of the political parties can easily identify any person trying in any poll malpractices. There may be nuns who belong to those areas and whose names are registered in the electoral list serving else where. What is the wrong if nuns or religious people come and exercise their franchise.

There are some people who always try to find fault with the Christian priests and the religious, as they know that they will not react like the common people. It is not a good practice to blame such people and attack the minorities who are meek to avoid any fear of failure or gaining silly political or communal mileage and undue popularity....! 

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