Monday, March 26, 2012

The Holy Father receiving warm welcome in Santiago in Cuba...! Slams Marxism and communism

The Spiritual head of the universal Catholic Church and the heir of Apostle St. Peter, Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI has has begun his Cuban visit and the people of Cuba are very enthusiastic to welcome the Pontiff.

The Pontiff's visit comes after his criticism on the Marxist and communist ideology saying 'it no longer corresponded to any reality' and 'it did not have any place in the modern world'. He urged the Cuban people to  find new models...!

Though he knew that his comments ahead of his visit to Cuba, on the dark political situation which is prevailing in that country for over fifty years, would cause eye brows to raise, the Pontiff did not fear to pronounce the truth.

The Holy Father said that the Marxist (Communist) ideology in the way it was conceived, no longer corresponds to reality. In the way, it is not possible to respond and build a society. So he asked the people to find a new models with patience in a constructive way....!

It is expected that the Holy father's call would bring a lot of change in the mindset of not only the Cuban People but also that of the world...!

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