Friday, March 2, 2012

US House of Representatives introduce Resolution on Religious Freedom in Gujarat of India

Godhra Train Tragedy, 2002
On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the horrible Communal and Religious carnage mooted out at the Non-Hindus, specially on the Muslims, allegedly with the back ground support and patronage of the BJP led State government and its Chief Minister Narendra Modi, the UAS house of Representatives have introduced a Congressional Resolution urging the Narendra Modi -led Gujarat Government to restore Religious Freedom and Communal harmony in the state.

The non-binding resolution (bearing number H Res 569), which has no co-sponsors was introduced by Congressman Keith Ellison in recognition to the tragic communal violence in Gujarath in 2002, is sent to the House of Foreign Affairs Committee for further action.

The Resolution in which the US Department of State shares the opinion that the Government of Gujarat has not done enough justice and compensation for the riot victims of 2002, including the most tragic Godhra Train fire.

India which has a long cultural and traditional heritage and a long history of amicability and communal harmony is damaged by the activities of some selfish and rude politicians whose only motive is to gain power  even if by the support of religious extremists.


  1. Narendra Modi has become a poster boy for the Hindu Right. He is greatly admired for his pro-business policies in Gujarat. There are also quite a few Indians who want him to be PM. Amazing how someone who was complicit in the murder of thousands of people can be so highly admired.

    1. You are absolutely right JI...!
      fanatic people are supporting fanatic leaders.
      Religious fanaticism is of course as dangerous as terrorism...!


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